Midnight Inspirations: Meet our March Muse of the Month!

March 3, 2014
Introducing our March ‘14 Muse of the Month, Abbey!

I am excited to introduce you to this month's musical Muse! Abbey is part of a band called the 'Perfect Couple' with her other half Greg based out of Nashville! They've have been writing and making music together for 12 years, and married 10 of those years! I love Abbey's bright style, positive attitude and catchy tunes. Learn more about Abbey below and make sure to check her new album that just released on iTunes!

1. Name: 
Abbey Moore. Check out @theperfectcouple on twitter and instagram, and on  facebook  and their website.

2.  Favorite charity to support and why?
I have 2 favorite charities. My 1st one hits closer to home. Its called “Theresa’s Twists”. It’s founded by my sister and my parents. My sister Theresa has Asperger’s and her whole life our family has tried to figure out how to help her live and thrive to her fullest potential. She is truly magnificent! So- My parents combined their love of gourmet pretzels, and love of my sister and are soon to launch a food truck! It’s goal is to employ Young adults with Asperger’s and teach them life skills and give them training that will make them more employable for the workforce! They also hope to  educate people about Aspergers and breakdown misunderstanding and stereotypes. You can learn more about this awesome cause at http://www.theresastwists.com/

My 2nd favorite charity is called LightWriters. They assist photographers and film makers in the use of their lenses and talents for good. They do this by 
  • Photo mentoring under served kids
  • Pairing professional photographers and film makers with non profits who could benefit from their talents.

3.  Favorite Boy Meets Girl® item and why? 
My favorite Boy Meets Girl item is hands down the Boy Meets Girl tights. I mean i love absolutely everything, but these tights are by far one of my main fashion staple items! I wear them with so many different outfits, and everyone asks about them! I even wear them in the summer under a pair of cute jean shorts, these tights rock!

Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone! If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see the rules here!


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