My Tips: have fun with your hair!

March 27, 2014
In this photo I was playing with my hair and its length before I went in for the kill. I actually asked my insta friends what they thought of this length and everyone gave me the thumbs up emoji. Having a good feeling about this new style and seeing a few of my friends Sophie Elgort, Samantha Lim and Allie Marie Evans all have fun with their hair I was itching for a hair change too.

My Tips:
Tip 1: spend time playing with your hair before you actually cut it off.
Tip 2: check out your friends and how their cuts look on them.
Tip 3: search your favorite sites for ideas to find that look you really want to achieve.
Tip 4: remember to have fun with your hair because your hair always will grow back.
Tip 5: Change is GOOD.

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