My Tips: The "new" french manicure

April 18, 2014
I wore a traditional french manicure on my hands and toes when I got married but since then I don't think I have gotten them done. I loved them for my wedding as they were special and different for me. As you know I like to have fun with my nails so I don't usually go basic or traditional. I was feeling excited when the sun finally came out in NYC so decided to change up the traditional way. 

Here are my tips to get what I call the "new" french manicure :) Enjoy!

1. Pick a fun color in this case I chose a minty color you can find similar here
2. Play with the tip color. I went gold but you can do any color. I think it depends on your mood. I love gold so feel it matches with everything. A fun combo would be mint with darker mint for an ombre look too!
3. Make sure to use this find tip paint brush to easily apply the fine lines.

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Let me know how you like this new french mani!