My Tips: Maternity Dresses for Weddings

May 1, 2014

As you all know I have recently announced why I love pickles so much! This recent bun in the oven has made me more of a shopping queen then before and that is scary. I just can't seem to stop. So I wanted to give you some of my tips that I have found are important as you have a growing belly and shopping for Maternity Dresses for Weddings and Events.
My Tips:
1)Maternity Dresses are not cheap so I think it is important to buy a dress that is on the bigger side so you can wear it at your full term. Dress featured above by Hatch.

2)I have found I can also wear dresses that are just a size or a few sizes bigger that are not "maternity" from brands I love. Only problem with that is they might not last as long as my point #1. Thus I would  rent the dress instead from my friends at Rent the Runway.

3)When shopping think about if you could wear the dress when you are not pregnant. Then you have spent your money wisely.

4)You know I love to wear dresses multiple times so think about the dress as an investment piece. I am always going to events so I can wear this dress to a wedding but also to an evening work gala. Then you have found a winner!

Let me know what Maternity lines you are loving especially for dresses!?



    How can I find on this site the following dress

  2. @Seray Büyük for give me my late response. Are you referring to the dress above ...It is from Hatch. Here is the link. I am doing another post on it soon too. IT is amazing you will love!