I started blogging on 12/12/08, as my personal journal to share with you all my crazy life Behind the Seams™ of building my brand Boy Meets Girl®. Over the past 4 years it has evolved into more than just my journal entries. It now incorporates all facets of my life! From what I wore at events, QandA’s with my friends, Entrepreneurship 101, My Tips, my Midnight Inspirations (aka, Kate Moss & Johnny Depp), My “how to rock” Features on Olivia Palermo, etc .
Think. Say. Do.

My Tips: Organizing your brain

Recently there have been so many things I need to organize that even my apps like Evernote, my iPhone memo pad, my notebooks and my Google docs are miles long with everything from work to baby to life! How I keep up check out below.

My Tips: Organization 101
1. Creating color in your space. I think color is important. It helps brighten your day and your office. I like to store all my magazines in these organizers.

2. Keeping your bathroom pretty at home. These bins are perfect to put your hand towels and make your bathroom look neat.

3. I decided I needed to invest in a box that says CRAP on it. This is going to be used in my office to help store all my "crap" that I still think is necessary to have but doesn't need to be laying around for everyone to see. Plus the name alone gives a sense of humor to your office space.

4. I am all about the traveling makeup case. I travel a lot and keeping your makeup organized in a cool case is a must.

5. Candles. Enough Said. After a hectic day or week. Light some candles in your room or the bathroom while taking a bath and just chill out and BREATHE.

6. We live in a digital world so having real photo albums to store our pictures in is still so meaningful and to me very important. I have been storing all my sonogram baby pictures in a new album and it is so nice to see something off the phone or computer screen in a book like the good old days.

7. Who doesn't need a plastic organizer to put all your nail polishes?

8. the perfect cushion for a NYC apartment. This is a great piece to rest our legs on.

9.. a rolling organizer case. Perfect for a creative like me who has ribbons and sketches and journals and ....... it can go with me anywhere in my home or even at the office.

How do you Organize your life?



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