My tips: Saving vs. Splurging Vol. 2

July 8, 2014

My tips: Saving vs. Splurging Vol. 2

1. Splurge on great button downs and classic bags
-I said it in my last post but I feel a great button down is worth the splurge. This particular Suno button down has has a great fruity print which can take you from this summer into the fall. It is fun and fresh and can be worn with your denim, printed skirts and shorts.
-As Chanel said, "a girl be two things Fabulous and Classy." I think splurging on a classic quilted vintage Chanel bag is worth it. You know you will take care of that bag as if it was your pet and you will find a place to wear it with everything. I am certain of that!

2. Save on trendy items-
Try Vintage shopping for the latest trends. As we know trends get recycled and they once started somewhere else! Fruity items are so hot this summer but they were also hot back in the 50's too!

1. Splurge on classic & basics staples-
Find items that you know you will wear all the time and will have forever so this will justify the spend. 
-Black cardigan
-Black blazer
-White blazer
-Great pair of jeans
-Classic white tee shirt and white button up
-Tan Trench coat
-Classic handbag
-Nude patent leather heels
-Black booties

2. Save on trendy items-
Loving the peplum trend that you have seen in every magazine and/or runway and on every celebrity? Great! Forever 21, H&M, and Target have great and affordable trendy tops that won't break your bank and you won't feel like your out of a lot of money when it makes its way to the back of your closet next season!

3. Splurge on something you REALLY REALLY love!
The saying goes "If you love something then let it go," or something like that! And I believe sometimes this can be true when you're shopping including shopping vintage. If you see something in the store and you're like I gotta have it, maybe don't buy it right away! Walk around the rest of the store, check out other stores for similar styles, maybe even go home and come back a week later! Think about it some more. "What can I wear it with?" "How many times can I wear it? And then you should have a clear answer on if it's going to be worth it!

What do you like to save and splurge on?


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