what a new app?

August 8, 2014

What is the Midnight Inspirations category on my blog you ask? Well it is exactly what the category says...at the weee hours of the night even in my sleep I get inspired. A lot of people ask me do you ever shut off? This question always boggles my mind because I am not sure I really ever do! I do try to balance with working out (recently pre-natal pilates,)  hanging with family, friends and my main squeeze, walking through the park, reading, etc so I promise I am not always on. But, feeling creative and coming up with ideas in your sleep I feel isn't a bad thing. Some of my best ideas have happened when I thought of them while sleeping (thanks for the notepad by my bed)! So today I bring you a new App called #partyparty that inspired me late night. I thought this was very fitting to send us all off into the weekend. Make sure to Party Party and enjoy every moment.