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Women in Business Leadership Speaker Series at Pandora

Last week I was asked to speak at Pandora's New York office for their Women in Business Leadership Speaker Series (an employee group dedicated to empowering women to develop their careers and connect with their communities). Some of the past speakers have been Marcie Vu, former Head of Consumer Internet Banking at Morgan Stanley; Emily Schuman, founder of Cupcakes and Cashmere; Val DiFebo, CEO of Deutsch NYC; Amy Trask, CEO of the Oakland Raiders; Darla Anderson, Oscar-winning producer at Pixar; Cristin Groos Richmond, CEO of Revoluti0n Foods; Kellie McElhaney, professor at the Haas Business School-UC Berkeley; Lisa Kavanaugh, CTO of; Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland and Geisha Williams, EVP of PG&E Electric Operations.  

I was honored to speak at Pandora.  As you all know, I am music FREAK and so excited to be a part of this inspiring group of women thought leaders.  Below are pictures my social media manager, Tara (DJ MM), and I captured Behind the Seams of my time at Pandora. First of all... sweet offices, right? What a beautiful space to go to work each day.  There are no closed offices; everyone works in the same open space and THEY HAVE PING PONG FOLKS (I wanted to challenge the ladies but didn't have time after I spoke... Next time).

I spoke on various topics. Here are a few of my favorite questions that were asked of me. If you guys want written answers, let me know and I'll do that for a future blog post.

  • How are you going to balance having a baby and running a business?
  • What are the most important qualities of a great entrepreneur?
  • As a business owner, what core values and tenets do you look to instill in your employees?
  • One of the common themes we see when talk to these incredibly successful women in our speaker series is that they all truly love and are passionate about what they do – their work energizes them. What do you love about your job? Is it the work, the people?

The ladies at Pandora surprised me with this Onesie! It reads "Emerging Artist".
Who is leaving the hospital in this me or my future baby? Thank you, Pandora, for this special gift, it was so thoughtful!
On our way out Tara & I had to take a photo :)/

I matched their walls! Doing the Polka Dance ;) #pregnantstyle

Thank you, Pandora, for inviting me to be one of your featured women in the WIB series. I had an incredible time and loved all your questions. Bravo for providing this opportunity to your employees!


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