what I wore: Bow-Tie Nails

September 15, 2014

photo by Mike Coppola/gettyimages of me and Sammi Hanratty hands during NYFW

Thanks to Ari of theGLITTERY I got to collaborate with her on these special Bow-Tie Nails. 
I told Ari I was looking to do something with Bow-Ties and she sent me a picture on her nail of an idea she had and then from there I worked with her on the color scheme to match my jewels and my dress for this NYFW evening and voila the party nails were formed :) Below are all the steps that Ari did to achieve this look. Make sure to follow Ari for all her GLITTERY nail updates here @theGLITTERYblog.




Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 1 coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Game of Chromes. Wait a few minutes before moving to step 2. 

Step 2: paint a second coat of Game of Chromes, one finger at a time. It's important to do one finger at a time because the wet polish will act as the adhesive for your bow-tie- so it's best to work fast. While the paint is still wet, carefully place the hearts on your nail (the pointed bottom of the hearts should be facing each other). TIP: to easily pick up the hearts, dip a toothpick in a tiny bit of clear polish first.

Step 3: to really lock in your bow-tie, apply 2 coats of your Seche Vite Top Coat. It's suuuuper thick so will make those babies stick!

***If you want to do the party accent nail, skip step 3 on your ring fingers. Wait for your second coat of Game of Chromes to dry and then take a toothpick dipped in Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky O. Dot in dots in rows of three on your nail. Wait about 10 minutes before sealing with your top coat. 

Thank you Ari for rocking my nails. I love this shot of Ari who always wears a headpiece with a light on it to get the perfect nail!