Hat's off

October 21, 2014
"To take (one's) hat off (to someone) is an idiom that means "To respect, admire, or congratulate someone." Often heard as, "Hat's off to you!""_source Urban Dictionary

This word came to me as I was writing this post. One because I am discussing my new favorite Fall Hat which I bought a few weeks before my Son was born (Dyland Reid born 10/04/14) and also I think I am congratulating myself on my 33 hours of labor. So perhaps this is a Hat's off post to myself (joking sort of but not really). 

Below is a series of photos that takes you on my Hat Journey from the night I went into Labor to after with Dylan Reid.  P.S. Dylan came 3 weeks early and was actually due today 10/21/14!  

1) I posted this photo to my instagram account Oct.3rd and wrote "Left #tb pick of my #mom aka DJ Norma ... Left me in my new #fall #hat // looks like I'm inspired by moms #style."

2) Another photo I posted a few hours after the above photo out for one my BFF's birthday celebration hours before my water broke on Oct.3rd "@aankin #birthday sandwich with the 5 of us Happy Birthday week auntie ami. "

3rd) Ami stealing my hat .... clearly a Hat's off moment.

4th) Voila just like that my little man was born. Well not really that easy 33 hours, 3 weeks early but all worth the incredible journey. I wasn't sure I would share many photos with you all when he was born but it is hard not to share how yummy he is. So from time to time Dylan Reid will be gracing my blog and my other social media outlets. If you want to see some recent photos definitely follow me on instagram.

5th) Proud Nammie aka Dj Norma aka Mom aka Grandma in her happy shirt minus her matching hat from photo #1. I told her she has to find that awesome hat and bring it back as what is old is new again :)

Where to find this magical hat :)


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