Midnight Inspirations- The Mommy Edition

February 10, 2015
Having a baby is a complete life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day. I remember my best guy friend Ike Barinholtz telling me that when his baby was born all focus changed but in an amazing way. At that time I wasn't sure I could relate because life had been all about me and Dj Blue Steel and my other baby Boy Meets Girl® and of course my amazing family and nieces and nephew and incredible friends. But, I definitely did not know what having my own would feel like and it truly is incredible. Focuses have changed but as Ike told me only for the better. There is now a balance I have to find in each second, minute, hour, day and week. I have to say my moments taking a shower feel like a vacation but not in a bad way. Dylan Reid (Dj name = Dj Dylan Reid) is my little noodle and angel and is a midnight inspiration indeed. So that is why I am bringing you Midnight Inspirations- The Mommy Edition. I have been back and forth on how to incorporate this new stage of my life into the blog and how much I wanted to share with you all.  So today I am bringing you some fun Mommy advice from a fellow Mother and Entrepreneur Pamela Pekerman. The category on my blog Midnight Inspirations was made because I work 24/7 and most of time at midnight my creative juices kick in and I get even more inspired. Being a mother you would think I would be sleeping at midnight...nope this is still my time my special time my inspiration time. So without further ado welcome to my first mommy edition installment. Enjoy mommies and future mommies and friends of mommies, etc :) 

Pamela Pekerman is a wife, mom x2, TV style expert, Accessories Editor at BELLA Magazine and the founder of a lifestyle blog Pieces of Pam. Check out her site for fashion, family, home d├ęcor and beauty tips for the 30-something gals trying to figure it all out. 

Favorite tech item

Pamela: I’m obsessed with myLyve Home which is a must for any photo-obsessed mom. Once you snap a pic or take a video it automatically gets stored on your Lyve Home device and is accessible to you anywhere just by logging into the Lyve App. Basically, it’s like I'm carrying 90,000 photos with me wherever I go.   
Stacy: since Dylan was born I have taken at least 100 pictures a day and 5 videos. This is something to look into ASAP :)

Favorite beauty item

Pamela: It’s impossible to walk on this planet without putting on IT Cosmetics Buy Buy Under Eye, especially if you are sleep deprived new mom. Those first few months are brutal, but this tube made everything look so much better. And, by everything I mean me! 
Stacy: DONE and DONE

Favorite new KID accessory
Pamela: Kid Lid is one of those “why didn't I think of that” products. It allows me to show my daughter ballet productions (Swan Lake is our new favorite) without worrying about her pressing the keypad or ripping the letters off. 
Stacy: I am excited about this product too. I wonder when Dylan is old enough to press my keypad if this will be needed? I guess we will have to wait and see ;) But, sounds amazing for mommies now.

General advice for balancing life and work and being a mom?

Pamela: Mantra - Always Be Your Best You. It’s simple, but a concept that many women often forget as time goes on and we get into poor beauty and style habits. There’s never an excuse to not look your best. How you put yourself together is how you feel about yourself, and I want to look like someone who loves and values herself!


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