The feeling of being featured in an Exhibit!

July 29, 2015

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This came into my inbox!

Hi Stacy, 

Hope all is well!

I am emailing because this summer, our Design Gallery will be featuring work by select design studies alumni, current students, as well as work done by businesses who have supported us in different ways. The title of the exhibit is “Building Bridges: SoHE in the Real World.”

The students (well, all of us!) were intrigued by your story and how you’ve built your brand. They are interested in exhibiting items from your clothing line as well as creating a “story board” of sorts displaying your community outreach that you do through your brand (the students would create the story board). 

I am hoping that you will agree to let one of the students in the current “Exhibition Practices” course reach out to you regarding more specifics. As part of the course, students are responsible for the planning and execution of the exhibit so reaching out to you gives them a real-world experience as part of the process. The call or email from the student would be coming this week.  You would just need to let me know the best way for him or her to reach out to you.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks Stacy!


Kim Lombardi, BA ‘03
Associate Director of Advancement 
School of Human Ecology
University of Wisconsin - Madison

My Reaction
1. YES
2.  Sent an EMAIL to my Mom, Sis, Dodi, Husband, Inlaws and College BFFS and said look what came into my inbox ahhh
3. OMG
4. WOW
5. My Emoji sign

Inside the Exhibit! Photos c/o Anne Koepp (a student team member in the Design Gallery)

What the Exhibit is about?
The team specifically wanted to highlight two causes that myself and Boy Meets Girl advocate for: the Young Survival Coalition for Breast Cancer and Bully Bust. They also are showing via video seen above the #BMGliveoutloud campaign I created with Cassandra Bankson and can further be seen below. 

Features work by current students as well as alumni of the School of Human Ecology, these projects will focus on how they use the skills they acquired in the classroom to build bridges across communities.
Some featured student projects include visual posters and objects from the Design Studies department that showcase efforts in Tharaka, Kenya to empower local women, techniques that students enrolled in a Consumer Strategy and Evaluation course developed to entice their peers to visit the Design Gallery. Alumni featured in the exhibition include Stacy Igel, creator of the Boy Meets Girl fashion line, Zebradog, a local design firm, as well as Kim Sponem, CEO of Summit Credit Union, and Marjorie Engleman and Linda Brazill, both artists/ collectors.  

Where the Exhibit is...
The exhibition will be on display at the Ruth Davis Design Gallery from June 25 through August 7 with special hours: Thursday – Friday 11-3 or by email for appointment.

Nancy Nicholas Hall
1300 Linden Dr 
Madison WI, 53706
Thank you Kim, the University of Wisconsin and all the students for putting this 
exhibit together and wanting to feature me and Boy Meets Girl.  This is a true honor!


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