A bus note to my Nieces and Nephew & a Giveaway...

June 26, 2017

At M&M's graduation last week heading to High School in September
A bus note to my nieces and nephew (from left to right Sami Jo (9), Max & Morgan (twins 14)) in the picture to the right -->>>>

I have watched you grow faster than speeding bullets.

Image taken at the Boy Meets Girl
 NYFW show with M&M 

I have been to every Bris, Baby naming, Birthday party , Graduation and more.
I even created fun Birthday parties for you Sami Jo every summer with Uncle Almost and whole family, because you have a summer birthday and wanted to spend it with us adults. I will miss those parties.

( blog post on Sami Jo Birthday bash turning 7
Oh and how can I forget helping Morgan with her fashion birthday party (I think when you turned 11 years old) where I put together a DIY event and brought my celebrity hair and makeup stylist friend and photographer from NYFW to give Morgan the real VIP treatment. I still owe Max some birthday party ideas. I think I will get there soon Max :)

Before I had Dylan Reid almost 3 years ago you were my everything and guess what you still ARE!
Watching you all take care of your baby cousin is so incredible. Each of you hold a special place in Dylan's heart and to this day I still call you my babies. I don’t think that will ever stop.

Today I said goodbye to you three as you are all going to summer camp tomorrow. This will be Sami’s first time going.  I asked Sami Jo to not grow too fast and to remember me when she gets back. She promised me she would.

My aunts (on both sides) made such an impact on my life. I miss them everyday. My Auntie Carol passed away on 7/12/14 a few months before Dylan was born and his Hebrew middle name is named after her . It is Chaim, which means life.

All three of you have enriched my life and your uncles, and now our son. To life. To living. To learning. To growing. To giving. To loving your aunts (hee hee) :) I love you guys. Have the best summer and don't grow too fast.

And thank you for finding Auntie's Day years ago for me founded by the amazing Melanie Notkin creator of Savvy Auntie. This year it falls on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 so don't forget to write your Aunt :)

How has your Aunt impacted your life?

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