I started blogging on 12/12/08, as my personal journal to share with you all my crazy life Behind the Seams™ of building my brand Boy Meets Girl®. Over the past 4 years it has evolved into more than just my journal entries. It now incorporates all facets of my life! From what I wore at events, QandA’s with my friends, Entrepreneurship 101, My Tips, my Midnight Inspirations (aka, Kate Moss & Johnny Depp), My “how to rock” Features on Olivia Palermo, etc .
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Managing & Multitasking: 4 SI Quotes to Help You Manage It All

Managing & Multitasking: 4 SI Quotes to Help You Manage It All

My team wanted me to share this with my fellow readers. 
So without further ado...

1) What keeps you going during the stressful times?

(Photography: Jennifer Rose Keany)

  • “I got this from a fortune cookie and it fits in so well here: “Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” I want to continue to take my brand to all the platforms that I have been building. Many partnerships and collaborations are in the work with SMART and TALENTED people. I am looking forward to this expansion taking my brand everywhere I have dreamt it should be and working with leaders in the industry. So to answer this question in a nutshell. I keep moving during the hardest times and keep building on my experiences thus I don’t allow stress to come in that much as I am too busy to stress.”

2) How do you balance work & play?

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  • “I’m a driven entrepreneur and I get excited about entrepreneurship and great ideas! That gets my creative juices going. I have a notepad by my bed and I’m essentially writing down ideas either on my notepad or my iPhone until the sun comes up...It can be overwhelming at times to be “always on” and I definitely need to do a better job finding balance. I am working on it :) However, I do make sure to find time to kick back and have a glass of wine with my family and good friends and enjoy life!”  

3) What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself in building a successful brand?

(Photography: Elvi Rista, Yhteishyva)

  • “You can’t do it all by yourself. You need to work with and retain talented people in the areas where you are relatively weak. That’s a big one. Of course, I’m still learning every day, so I reserve the right to change my answer… :)”

4) What is your hardest and best part of your job?

(Photography: Spencer Kohn)

  • “Hardest - Managing people. A boss is a mentor, teacher, cheerleader, motivator, disciplinarian, psychiatrist and – yes – even a friend to the entire team. Finding the necessary balance between all of those roles is no cakewalk.”
  • “Best – Reading emails from a teenager who say that I’m her role model or a tweet from a girl who said that she feels confident in her Alice tee or Coco Hoodie. I still just get a great thrill from seeing someone wearing the brand on the street or picking it up at a store and buying it. I don’t think that feeling I get will ever dissipate.”

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