Inspiration with Igel: Meet Shirley Yang - Founder of the Muses App

April 20, 2018
Are you looking for an app that connects brands & influencers alike in a crowded social media space? The Muses App is bridging the gap between the two, with Founder & CEO Shirley Yang at the forefront.

Shirley Yang is the Founder and CEO of Muses, a global network of brand builders who utilize one another's social media influence to grow audiences. Muses is in 75 countries and has over 250 million social media network reach. Shirley started her career at MySpace (I was on Myspace were you?), led teams at NBC and Amazon, and has worked with thousands of YouTube stars and brands rise to fame. Shirley is also on the Advisory Board for Women Tech Founders and

I bet you want to learn more about this incredible womenpreneur! Check out my interview below. 

What is the moment you came to the realization that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
I've always been an "intrepreneur" while working for large companies: Amazon, NBC, etc. I was always the one pushing the envelope for innovation within a large organization. I also always knew I would break out and start my own business, it was just a matter of when I felt ready with enough experience and capital.

What are some causes you advocate for? How do you incorporate this into business?
I am a huge advocate for women supporting women, fempower, female entrepreneurs, etc. all the movements surrounding lifting women up. My business is about "growing together". We have thousands of women in the app supporting one another's brand building journey, and we work with female crowdfunding platforms to provide influencer marketing advice and blogger partnerships to help get their new businesses heard and seen online.

College! Where did you go, and what was your first internship?
I went to USC in Los Angeles for college and graduated with an Engineering degree. My first internship was with Honeywell Turbo Technologies in Torrance California.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur?
Staying hopeful and optimistic through all times! No matter what happens on your journey of entrepreneurship, it is very important to keep your head up and face any challenge that comes your way. You overcome those challenges and keep moving forward.

Lastly, if you could give a quick piece of advice to entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Stay kind. As an entrepreneur, your company and brand reflect who you are as a person.

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