May 11, 2018
  • In 2001 I created the BOY MEETS GIRL® Brand (my fabric baby)
  • In 2006 I married my main squeeze 
  • In 2008 I created this blog BEHIND THE SEAMS with Stacy Igel
  • In 2011 I co-created the BEHIND THE SEAMS with Stacy Igel web series
  • In 2014 my SON Dylan Reid Igel (@dylanreidigel) was born (my real baby)
  • In 2018 I co-created the #MOMSGOTTHIS Podcast with Mouth Media Network and recruited this amazing mama Michelle Park to be my co-host ; ) 

Now you are asking the same question everyone asks me. How do you balance? How do you manage to own a business, run a blog and be a mommy? Well, I am writing this at 12:24am and I did finally get to the gym at 7am today after months of not being there. My life is not easy and it is not for everyone. However, I love what I do and I love my son. I am not going to lie I have struggled internally a lot with having a passion and drive and being a MOM. I have always turned to my other working mom and dad friends when I needed encouragement. My mom was an entrepreneur as well and she showed me that you can do it all and that your time with your children is special always whether you are working or not. I cherish my morning and evening times with Dylan and my weekends are even more special now. Therefore, to add more to my running to do list I decided to create a show with the incredible team at Mouth Media Network. I recruited co-host Michelle Park so we could give you an inside look at the lives of women balancing high-powered careers and motherhood. We are also interviewing some amazing fathers (such as my BFF actor Ike Barinholtz) to give their perspective as well. Although I do not have many hours in the day I really felt because I am asked how do I do it almost every day you would find it helpful to hear from others as well. Their stories are fascinating and every day I am learning too. 

You can subscribe here for free https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/moms-got-this/id1381300284?mt=2 and hear the introduction piece we did almost a year ago. This has been a project we have all worked hard for over the past year (thank you all) and I am so excited to bring you this weekly show starting Monday, May 14th. This is a daily show running Monday through Thursday, each episode covers different parts of a guest's life including careers, adventures, mommy moments, products they like (and don’t like), recipes that save the day, and how they find a work-mom balance. On the week of May 14th, come join us with special guest CNN Entertainment reporter and new mom Chloe Melas.

Thank you to Lily Lane and Luck Music for creating the jingle for the show!

Thank you all for being part of my ride. I hope I am still standing tomorrow lol. 
And tell everyone you know to subscribe to #MOMSGOTTHIS.

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