Boy Meets Girl® x Youth Empower x Voto Latino

October 8, 2018

In recent years, I have started to be more and more open with my political views.
In our country’s current climate, we cannot remain silent!
My involvement in voting has expanded with my brand BOY MEETS GIRL over the years,
with t-shirts that included BOY MEETS OBAMA GIRL, WAKE UP GET UP VOTE with Project Vote,
YAY NAY with Voto Latino [In connection to the 2016 elections - I think you know what side
I was on that time.], and now with our TWO STEPS REGISTER, VOTE TEE with Women’s March Youth Empower and Voto Latino.

With Youth Empower's Youth Director, Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs 
and photographerSophie Elgort, I spent the day meeting and capturing four powerful young activists to discuss their involvement in
voting efforts. Sara Mora, Luis Hernandez, Tyra Hemans, and Autumn Greco each shared their reasons
and passion for voting in the upcoming elections.

Teen Vogue covered our campaign, stating “How One Brand Is Making A Difference.” Bringing the youth together and giving them a platform is something I have always made a focus
If we come together and share our stories we can help others and bring people together.
This is what is needed and I will continue to work hard to do this every day.
Teen Vogue's title only pushes me more to keep doing what I am doing.

On the BOY MEETS GIRL® blog,
we are rolling out Q&A’s with each activist -
asking them if they really believe that the youth can make a difference in today’s political climate.
This roll-out will continue into October 13th.

Check out the roll-out on BOY MEETS GIRL®’s Instagram, as well as the lookbook here.

Shop the collaboration collection on or click below.

Thank you to everyone involved in this campaign.


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