February 15, 2019
I have been non-stop this year.
Right now you can keep up with me on all my socials @stacyigel 
Working around the clock and trying to find the balance.
One week I maintain my workouts.
One week my workouts get pushed to the side.
One week I am rocking and rolling at work.
One week I am rocking and rolling as a mother and wife.
One week I catch up on me.
Last year I finished my first book in 4 years and it was amazing and inspiring ( Shoe Dog)
There is no perfect formula. There is no perfect balance.
Happiness is the key to my formula.
I am happy doing all the below.
I love being a mom. I love talking to other mompreneurs and entrepreneurs on my podcast #MOMSGOTTHIS
I love growing and building my brand BOY MEETS GIRL(R).
I love meeting artists, musicians, innovators.
I love collaborating.
I love to bring the YOUTH together to work toward change in our world.

The journey continues #UNEXPECTED2019