Two Words: THANK YOU!

November 26, 2014
Photography: Jennifer Lee Photography

My sister introduced me to Jennifer Lee 10+ years ago. Jennifer first took photos of Dj Blue Steel and I at one my of my sister's fabu Halloween Parties and it was love at camera site ( or is the saying love at first sight wink wink). Dylan Reid finally gave us the chance to work together!  I am truly grateful we made time to capture these special moments of Dylan Reid at three weeks. He will be two months on December 4th and he has already grown three pounds and three inches in length since these photos were taken. Life moves so fast and if you take a moment to capture the steps along the way it truly is worth it. Thank you Jennifer Lee for capturing my baby boy. Looking forward to working with you again on a special project I will be sharing with you all here in 2015! 

“If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them.” 

― Bob Dylan

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The Golden Gift Guide...

November 24, 2014

15 Golden Gift Ideas for all your loved ones this Holiday Season!

1. For the photographer lover or the aspiring photographer Arthur Elgort : The Big Picture
2. For the Man in your life Auburn Bow Tie cufflinks 
3. For your BFF who gives back Easter Seals Gives Back Bracelets by ElyseRyan
4. For your Mother who wants to save the environment Mujus Gema Necklace
5. For the Girl who always has a rubber band around her wrist (aka ME) VIP unlimited
6. For your Niece/s sleepovers and sleep unders BE mine Betsey Johnson overnight bag
8. For your Cousin/s who love old-school tunes Marylai Maeve Mixtape pouch/wristlet 
9. For your Roommate who understands Everyday Until Whenever by Boy Meets Girl®
10. For your Stylist friend who can't lose her glasses on the job Fantas-Eyes SS-Alma Mater sunglasses and headband all in one
12. For the Girl on the RUN Boy Meets Girl®'s gold metallic City Legging
13. For your Friend contemplating getting a real tattoo Black Lace Skin Jewelry Metallic temporary tattoos
14. For the New Mom (hello) to play to her new Baby Zero Rules Blow Harmonicas 
15. For your Sister who always needs a perfect bag Dolce Vita Charlotte Crossbody Bag

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Coffee, Ear Muffs and Slip Ons...

November 18, 2014