Paris Hilton loving Boy Meets Girl(R) at Intuition!!!

December 24, 2008
Paris Hilton shopping Boy Meets Girl products!!

My first cover page!!!

December 22, 2008
Budget Travel December/January Issue Cover!!

Stay Strong

December 17, 2008

During this economic times keep staying strong and believe in your craft. It is a hard time. I have not seen the road this bumpy in a long time. I started my business right after Sept.11, 2001. My first shipment was to Bergdorf Goodman in Jan.2002. I have been doing my craft for almost 7+ years on my own. 7 is a lucky # right!! I will be updating you on the past and how i got the present. All I can say to all my fellow innovators out there. Is hold on tight. BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE.
Have a wonderful day!

I am obssesed with

nAH by

I love the young creativity out there. I did this all on mood boards when I was in my teens. Now you can do it all on the computer. I give props to all these amazing collages and capturing my brand the way you do. (and i cannot believe i am not a teen anymore)

12/16/08 Crunch time

December 16, 2008

Working hard to build the next biggest brand. Testing the blogging world so you can all be part of what makes me tick. I am excited to take you into my journey. There are a lot of highs and lows. But, in our djness there is an amazing light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you Dj NielleKat for pushing me in many ways. You are truly mini me and I love you for your dedication and your Belief!