Stay Strong

December 17, 2008

During this economic times keep staying strong and believe in your craft. It is a hard time. I have not seen the road this bumpy in a long time. I started my business right after Sept.11, 2001. My first shipment was to Bergdorf Goodman in Jan.2002. I have been doing my craft for almost 7+ years on my own. 7 is a lucky # right!! I will be updating you on the past and how i got the present. All I can say to all my fellow innovators out there. Is hold on tight. BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. HI!

    Thank you for commenting and for being open for suggestions! I think your product is really great.. I would only suggest that the fonts be smaller (and maybe even under the silhouettes?)

    Keep up the great work! What an exciting venture!


  2. Thanks Nicole. We actually recently made the font all in BOLD as more customers wanted to see bigger. Under the Boy and Girl is harder in production but we will note for future.
    Keep checking back to see whats going on in my world. Happy Holidays!! Dj daisy deesh