Friday's Finds- See you in 2012!

December 30, 2011
Happy almost New Years everyone! Just wanted to stop by and share some images I've taken over the past couple of weeks :)

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Thank you for being incredible loyal fans and friends! Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! See you in 2012!

What are your plans this New Years? I'd love to hear!


Tip of the Day: What to wear to your interview at a fashion house

December 28, 2011
I can vividly remember my first interview from the butterflies in my stomach down to the heels I was wearing. Now I know fashion has changed and we have more freedom to wear what we want in a professional setting but remember, first impressions are key!

Today's tip of the day is....What to wear to your interview at a fashion house

1. Before picking out the perfect outfit, always remember to research the brand or company you are interviewing for. Understand their aesthetic and dress based on the company's environment.

2. Comfort is key! You don't want to be adjusting your outfit every 5 minutes during the interview

3. Pick a lightweight blouse that doesn't tug in the wrong places ;)

4. A simple black pencil skirt is always a great pieces to have in your closet! It's chic and so easy to pair with any top.

5. With a simple blouse and bottom, you have freedom to play with some fun accessories! Add a pop of color by wearing colorful heels or a chunky necklace. These items will set you apart as a fashion forward.


Music Monday- Happy Holidays Playlist!

December 26, 2011
Even though the Holidays are basically over (Chanukah ends on the 28th), I still can't stop listening to Holiday themed play-lists on Pandora! For all those who are still celebrating (we still have New Year's parties to attend of course!) Check out my favorite picks below...

Paul McCartney - A Wonderful Christmas Time by Christmas Music on Grooveshark

Merry Christmas Darling by [Karen Carpenter] on Grooveshark

Baby Its Cold Outside by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark

Boy Meets Girl(R) Hoodies and Tights/ photographer: Marc Mez


Q&A with Jen Steele of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

December 23, 2011

Jen Steele(left) w/ Me and friends at the Young Survival Coalition  "In Living Pink" event in 2008

This Friday I wanted to introduce you to an amazing team member of Cosmopolitan Magazine and an editor/stylist I have worked with for many many years. I am not sure when Jen and I first met but when we did we had an instant connection. Jen is such a hard working editor/stylist and has incredible style and a beautiful spirit. I have been working with the team at Cosmopolitan since I started my career (under Deesh now Boy Meets Girl(R)). I even did special Boy Meets Girl(R) wedding bags for Amri Leever Cosmo's Senior Fashion Editor years ago. It is amazing how fast time flies by!
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work and meet incredibly talented people.
As Jen notes in her Q&A  "I love working with the people in my industry, I love photo shoots and photography. I am often inspired by the people and moments we create together. Seeing the clothes come to life is rad." I completely agree Jen. Check out more about Jen below!

my trademark "Ribbon Cinch" shirt top right featured in Cosmo. Hmm might have to bring back this trademark design. crazy to think it is a vintage piece now :)

1)how would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl(R) item
I’ve always loved the romper – so sexy and fun. I wore the black strapless romper for years with simple bracelets and a cropped leather jacket.

2)what causes and/or organizations do you support?
There are a few..Day One for example is an organization I’ve started supporting with my good friend, Tessa. We are working on producing a Fashion / Art event called Sun Show for the cause. It’s supports young women of domestic violence.

3)what is your favorite part of your job?
I love working with the people in my industry, I love photo shoots and photography. I am often inspired by the people and moments we create together. Seeing the clothes come to life is rad.

4)what have you learned about the work force that you didn’t know in college?
I learned a lot about patience. It’s so important to see your goal but know how and how long to wait for it.

5)what is the hardest part of your job? Highlight one or all that apply!
a. lack of sleep
b. long hours/crammed schedule
c.  find a good balance between personal life and work

6) Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?

7) If you could live out of the country where would you settle down ?

I would have to see more to know that.

8) What’s your favorite..

    -website? I am sucker for, I also adore
    -book? The Kate Moss book, it’s tiny and so gorgeous.
    -gadget? Does my pocket knife count? I always use it on set.
    -guilty pleasure? Flirting
    -midnight snack? Babybell cheese.

9) What’s been your biggest splurge this season?
My last splurge was my apt! I just moved and I love my new little home.

10) What’s your biggest purchase steal?
I have the ability to find super amazing vintage pieces. I bought a pair of gorgeous vintage boots at Narina not too long ago.

11) Social Media: Do you have.. 

-twitter:  catchsteele

Thank you so much Jenn for taking the time for this interview! And thank you Cosmopolitan Magazine and your amazing editors(past & present) for believing in me and my brand since its inception.


Winners from today's giveaways!

December 22, 2011
Thank you for participating in our all of our giveaways today!
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GIVEAWAY #1: Coolest thing you have ever DIY’d with?

PRIZE: Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl Andie tee

WINNER: Sarah Ann I made an earring holder out of an antique 5x7 picture frame and some cream linen, the frame is the type that stands up from a base at the bottom of the frame so there's nothing in the way on the back from easily taking earrings in and out. Works and looks great!

GIVEAWAY #2: Anyone every been to a plant or factory? What product was being made and what was the experience like?
PRIZE: Eco-friendly Boy Meets Girl® Tote
WINNER: Jamie Haynes-Enos At the Wonder Bread factory....The group walked out with more bread given to them than you would see at a grocery store!! There's something about fresh bread being baked!!

GIVEAWAY #3 What’s the earliest memory you have eating Smarties?

PRIZE: Boy Meets Girl® Striped Knee-High Socks

WINNER: Alyssa Downs When I was little every time I was sick my Grandpa would give me smarties and call them medicine. (They were pretty delicious medicine). He now has cancer and when hes not feeling well I give him medicine...(smarties)...and tell him it will make him feel better. It gives him a smile and a laugh and a good memory. (one of our PSU models)

GIVEAWAY #4: Caption Challenge: Who is Stacy calling on her Smartdazzled iPhone and what is she calling to tell them?
PRIZE: Boy Meets Girl
® Fuzzy Babba Slipper Socks

WINNER: Sharon Stevens Hudson She's calling Santa to say she's been good all year!

GIVEAWAY #5: What was your favorite moment from our Smarties® Visit in "Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel" Ep.3- Get Smartie? 

PRIZE: Boy Meets Girl® Silver Screen Undies

WINNER: Janice Lynds the smarties kaleidoscope

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My Style Tips of the Day: recycling old pieces from your wardrobe to create new fresh looks!

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope your week has been stylishly fabulous and productive! My tip for today has come in handy MANY times when my wardrobe looked so drab and dreary inside my closet. Recycling your old clothes into fresh looks can be fun and a great budget saver!

  • Always keep pieces that you know you can wear again and have been around for awhile- they are clearly good quality and what I consider staples or classics  you know will become in the cycle again!
  • Mix and match prints- take an old plaid skirt and pair with new tights
  • I am sure you all have some worn v-neck cozy sweaters that you've worn to interviews. Update it with a pin or brooch!

Outfit: Bookworm

Plaid skirt from 1993!
Gray V-neck Sweater: vintage JCrew
White collard shirt:H&M collaboration Victor &Rolf
Shoes: Enzo
Ring: Vintage


p.s. You will see me in this outfit in Episode 5 airing on on Jan. 9th, 2011!!!  So excited for you to see this special episode :) Stay Tuned!

ANNOUNCING... Live Twitter Chat today, 12:30pm-1:30pmEST with Tara Smith!!

December 21, 2011
Join us as we talk styling tips for girls on the go! If you haven't watched Episode 4 of "Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel" yet on Lockerz, watch here
What: Live Twitter PARTY Chat with Tara Smith 
When: Wednesday, December 21 12:30pm-1:30pm EST.
Who: Follow @StacyIgel @TaraSmithHair and use #BehindtheSeams

Ask any styling questions you want! But, make sure you have watched the episode as we will be answering questions relevant to this episode. You can also use #BehindtheSeams to tweet your fave Episode moment OR share your own personal favorite styling tips to win PRIZES! 

We'll be doing 5 GIVEAWAYS to the most engaging TWEETS! You can win a 2,500 Lockerz PTZ Promo Card, Tara Smith Hair Products and Boy Meets Girl® Stripe or Solid knee-high socks !!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think about Episode 4 and all the other Episodes so far!


Ps Check out the Lockerz blog to learn more about the show and also how the PTZ system works on!! 

These are a few of my favorite things

December 20, 2011

1.  Tara Smith Hair Care products

2. Smarties! I will never stop loving candy :)

3. Boy Meets Girl(R) Rings (special for NYFW in Collaboration with Jimmy Crystals. Specials coming in 2012 too) as seen in Episode 1 at NYFW!

Photographer, Anna Theissen

4. My Seychelles boots, so comfortable! I've been wearing them non-stop (so much that I already have to get them re-soled ahh)!

5. Essie nail-polish is a must have! I'm loving the mint colors! Great for the Holidays :)

Make sure to check out Episodes 3 + 4 on! What are you loving this holiday season?


Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel – Ep. 3 + 4 live on Lockerz & Events below!

December 19, 2011
Happy Monday!! SO excited to share Episodes 3 & 4 with all of you.

In Episode 3 I visit the Smarties Factory out in New Jersey.  I got the VIP tour from my friend Liz, co-Owner and head of digital media for Smarties. Her grandfather founded Smarties!!

Behind the Seams™ with Stacy Igel – Ep. 3 - Get Smartie

Thursday I am hosting an event on Facebook with Liz!
Details: Live Facebook Chat, THURSDAY, December 22nd, 8pm-9pm EST.

Join us on the Boy Meets Girl Facebook Page  where I’ll be answering your questions!!
Both Liz and I will be answering questions about Episode 3 so make sure watch here

 check out all those yellow Smarties! can you tell how excited i was to be there?? 
In Episode 4, I spend a day with my friend, and celebrity hairstylist, Tara Smith sharing easy Holiday styling tips for girls on the GO this Holiday Season. Watch what happened when we got together!

Behind the Seams™ with Stacy Igel – Ep. 4 - Good Hair Day

Wednesday I am hosting an event on Twitter with Tara!
Details: Live Twitter Chat on Wednesday, December 21st, 12:30pm-1:30pm EST. Follow @StacyIgel @TaraSmith @Lockerz and use #Behindtheseams and ask any styling questions you want! But, make sure you have watched EP4 here as we will be answering questions relevant to this episode.

a shot with Tara before the cameras were rolling :))

Enjoy and let me know what you think about Episodes 3 + 4!


Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel – Ep. 1 - New York Fashion Week - Video on Lockerz

December 16, 2011
Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel – Ep. 1 - New York Fashion Week - Video on Lockerz

I want to leave you this weekend with the first 2 episodes that released this week on of my new show Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel.
Leave me comments here or on under each episode on how you like the show.

Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel – Ep. 2 - Fashion Week Goes to Penn State - Video on Lockerz

I want to leave you this weekend with the first 2 episodes that released this week on of my new show Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel.
Leave me comments here or on under each episode on how you like the show.

Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel – Ep. 2 - Fashion Week Goes to Penn State - Video on Lockerz

Friday's Finds- Best Gifts for Him!

When you've been with someone for 10+ years it's hard to think of creative gifts to give to them. You don't want it to be the same old present or card that you've done a million times over. So how do you keep the surprises coming each year?

Well this year I did a bit of research on what to get Dj Blue Steel (my husband)..hopefully these gift  ideas are helpful for you too!

1.He loves when I scratch his head so maybe one of those massage things would be nice!

2.An earphone untangler (click  here), I saw this on a site once and it keeps your earphones from tangling.

3.Brunch for two made up gift certificate that you can create yourself at one of our favorite spots, Bread on Prince street is one of our favs!
-after brunch styling session day gift certificate with me. I like to bring Dj Blue Steel to my favorite spots to find the perfect pair of pants/jackets and normally my best finds for him are at one of my favorite thrift stores in NYC INA which now has online shopping too whohoo!

4. Flannel pj's are a great and easy gift! I found a great pair at Century 21 this past weekend.

5. Also he loves pocket scarves and I found some great Hugo Boss & Valentino ones at Century 21 too for only $19.99!

6. Dj Blue Steel went to Duke but is obsessed with Michigan football and I love this hat for him! I am going to get one in Wisconsin colors of course!
7. Everyone loves a new pair of jeans and I'm loving this wash! Check out and their men's denim selection here!

Happy Shopping!


Tip of the Day- DIY fingerless gloves

December 14, 2011
Happy Wednesday everyone! Recently I've been getting some compliments on my gloves that I love to wear to special events as seen below. And I thought it would be fun to show you how simple AND easy it is to create a pair of your own!

Me and my niece and nephew (morgan & max) at my NYFW show

Me with one of my fav models Nora at my NYFW show

1. Purchase a pair of pleather or leather gloves! The ones I picked up are half cheetah, half pleather from H&M and were 50% off :)

2. Measure one inch down from the point of the finger and make a mark with a pen on each finger.

3. Cut the portion above the mark off of each finger.

4. Add a fun pin or brooch to the top of the gloves for a more glamorous look!

Voila! You have yourself a new pair of fingerless gloves to rock many ways :)

For all you Entrepreneurs out there!

December 13, 2011

Music Monday- Ladies who Rock & Special Party Announcement!

December 12, 2011
I am SO thrilled to announce that my webseries, Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel has officially launched on! You can view Episodes 1 and 2 today (and more coming in December and January 2012 too)!
I had the pleasure of having the The Veronicas perform acoustic at my Boy Meets Girl(R) Spring2012 NYFW show and so many other incredible moments you will get to see Behind the Seams!
Excited to hear your thoughts on Episodes 1 & 2 Of Behind the Seams!

Join me tonight for a special PARTY!!
Where: Twitter @StacyIgel @Lockerz #BehindtheSeams
When: 9pm-10pm EST
Hashtag to use: #behindtheseams
Ask: Watch Episodes 1 & 2 today ( and then ask me anything you want to know OR you can just share your thoughts! I’ve had to keep the details under wraps for so long, I’m so excited I get to talk about it now with all of you!!

Episode 1

Episode 2

The Veronicas - Goodbye To You by lindylollipops

The Veronicas - 4ever Acoustic by user8896787

Paramore by masshimaro

Gwen stefani-the sweet escape by Blaze calihan


Recently asked Questions

December 9, 2011

Boy Meets Chic Nerd Girl- Welcome to my love for all things technology! To me, Fashion and Technology are the new Black ;) Over the past month I've been hinting about my web series Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel exclusively on and even though I can't give away any details just yet, recently some people have asked me what it's like to be on camera and be filmed in a web series. So today I wanted to answer some of your questions!

Thank you to everyone you asked me questions via  twitter, facebook, etc, :) Enjoy!

1. Do you get camera shy?
---No I find myself loving the camera. Filming my own show feels different then being interviewed by the press. I named the camera "DJ camera" and found that me, the camera, and our amazing camera man "DJ wine bottle" (who shot most of my episodes) just grooved together. It never really felt like there was an actual a camera in the way. It felt natural as the series captures my REAL life.

2. What do you love most about filming your web series?

3. How did you choose the outfits you wore on camera?
---This is a hard question. I styled my outfits for each episode and truly just wore what I felt like wearing that day. The show is based on my world and what happens "Behind the Seams" so if I was in the mood to dress grunge chic on a particular day, that's what i did. I guess we will have to see which outfits worked and which didn't. I know I will look back and say OH no I wish I didn't wear that!! But no time to think .. .and no regrets :)))

4. What advice do you have for people who are afraid of speaking in public?
---PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and check out my previous post on this topic here.

5. Which episode did you most enjoy filming?
---All of them! I am so looking forward to all of you seeing them- Stay tuned for more updates to come on Monday!!!


My Style Tips of the Day!

December 8, 2011
Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here whoohoo! Today I wanted to feature the Boy Meets Girl(R) Coco Hoodies- the perfect companion for a brisk night or walk in the park!

What color is your favorite?


Wish List

December 6, 2011
You know that feeling you get while window shopping? The I must have it, gotta have it feeling? Well that's how I currently feel about the products below..Check out what's on my Wish List for the Holidays!

1.  Check out this must have Shourouk's crystal-embellished EAGLE necklace. You know I am "Eagle" lover. My last name sounds like "Eagle" so anything I can get my hands on that is fresh and can be worn downtown and uptown I eat up.

2. Love symbols of royalty and a feeling of London where my father was born. This stunning ring of a shield with loads of sparkle is calling my Royalty name!

3.  I have always been a collector of vintage and one of the items I love collecting are vintage fans! I saw this fan in the windows of Bergdorfs and of course need to find this fan! Top on the wish list ;)

4. Opening Ceremony on Howard Street has been one of my favorite stores since my dear friend Kristen Martinez brought me there in 2009! I blew a lot of money fast but have to say still wear all the pieces I got there to this day. Acne jumper, Opening Ceremony shoes and many more classic items.
When I saw these windows as seen in these photos here I got so excited!!!! I love the Muppets and pleased
to see they collaborated with one of my favorite stores. How amazing is this button down Kermit patterend shirt?

I am feeling all 4 of these items together for a classic with a twist Holiday get up..What are you craving for this Holiday season? I am sure you have a wish list like this!


Friday's Finds- Best Coffee in NYC

December 2, 2011
I love a good cup of coffee or chai or green tea, whether it's iced or a steaming cup of joe! I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite NYC coffee hot spots (suggestions also from DJ team) and some of the best roasts!

Love this quote!

-    Birch Coffee: DJ Platforms home away from home. They have a great atmosphere, a library, wi-fi with purchase, and slow jams playing. The Birch blend is a must try!

-    Argo Tea: Not only do they serve fair trade coffee at Argo but they also have one of NYC’s finest tea selections. They offer green, black, oolong, white, and herbal teas. 

-   Aroma Expresso Bar:  With an inviting atmosphere Aroma is a great place to meet up with people and or catch-up with friends. They also have wi-fi for those who want to make it a study spot. Make sure to try the Ice Aroma Light as it is often a crowd favorite.
    Saturdays Surf NYC: Often known to the regulars as “Saturdays” this place is home to some delicious coffee raves DJ Flash.

-  Think Coffee: Make sure to check them out Fridays at 2pm for their free coffee tastings….YUM!!

-   Jacks Coffee: When you get to Jacks you order at an outside counter but don’t forget to check out the hip décor inside.  The interiors of Jacks/RICE (a rice bar that Jacks shares space with) are all wooden, warm, and very inviting.

-  71 Coffee: Known for their commitment to using delicious flavored beans and not artificially flavored coffee this is a true NYC delicacy. DJ MM recommends a Mocha Hazelnut blend! 

-  Sugar Café: Grab a delicious pastry and coffee at any time of the day or night as Sugar is open 24 hours. If you’re a coffee lover make sure to try Sugar Café House Roast – its great!

-  Grumpy Café: How delicious does a coffee infused with green apple candy, plum, caramel, and tangerine sound? Well that is Grumpy’s Aragon roast! Check them out for some unique blends that hit the spot.

    Gregorys Coffee: This is my fav coffee spot by my home away from home (aka MY OFFICE). I am there at least twice a day for a green tea or coffee or smoothie. They reward you for coming in with their special card..freebies and money back :) And the staff is AMAZING.

an  And last but not least drummmm rolllll
     DOMA. I meet one of my best friends there Ami to catch up on life and sip on a soy lattes. It's in the west village and a perfect meeting spot for us when we need time with one another. I treasure this time and this coffee spot.

      What's your favorite coffee joint? Enjoy the weekend!!


Tip of the Day- the right classes to take for a successful future

November 30, 2011

One question I often get asked by students is..what are the best classes to take while still in school? Whether you want to be a designer, buyer, visual merchandiser, owner of a brand, etc. there are some basic steps in order to prepare for a future in the fashion industry :)

While I was at the University of Wisconsin I triple majored in Design/Merchandising/Business. I've always known I wanted to be a designer but I also knew that I couldn't just take sewing courses to get me on the right career path (lesson learned from Dj Norma my entrepreneurial smart mom...Yes I named her after one of my favorite designers Norma Kamali when I was 10 years old).

I learned the importance of business my freshman year when I took a small business entrepreneurship class and a great public speaking class. In the small business class we were put into teams and we focused on marketing and on the P&L of a golf club. It was not about fashion or fashion products but it was about a family business and how to analyze the profits and losses and the essential components that make it a "niche" business. It was a challenging project as we had to come up with different ways to market a family business- this specific business had a model but did not know how to incorporate a market for more members and was relying on existing members. I always had an "out of the box" brain but this put me to the test indeed.

As for my fear of public speaking, I think it started in high school. In college I was required to take this class for my business certificate. It was a great class to learn some helpful techniques to keep me from fainting ;) But I believe I finally conquered the fear as mentioned in an earlier post when I spoke for 2,000 people this year at Fashion140 you can see my past post here

Now it's time to take some notes!
1. Go outside of your comfort zone and take classes that challenge the other side of your brain. Even if you are a designer at heart, business classes are key.
2.Learn from your mistakes. Remember that mistakes are the key to success and trial and error gets you to the end result.
3. Extra cirricular activies are important! I was a photographer for the Badger Herald and worked in specialty stores throughout college on campus and in my summers. I also took guitar lessons and wish I still did (hope to again in 2012!)

4. Internships- It is so important to learn from the field of your interest. I believe in internships 100%. My senior year of college I spoke about how to obtain an internship to 300 students in my major. I wish I had those notes. But, what I remember saying to the classroom is that PERSISTENCE is key. I worked throughout my college years for incredible people industry leaders like; Elsa Klensch, Donna Karen and Zandra Rhodes. I am forever grateful for these experiences in broadcasting/production/runway/design/sales.

5. I made it a point to test out all areas of the industry as I was and still am so passionate about this incredible field. And each experience has applied to who I am today.

Feature in Instyle Magazine NICHE business ...Boy Meets Girl!