4 Letter Word

May 18, 2011
I came across this love letter written by poet Kenneth Fearing and had to post it. My Papa was a doctor and also a writer. When he was sent to be a doctor in WWII he had to leave my Nana for 3 years. While he was away helping the wounded at war he wrote my Nana every single day a love letter. My mother put together all the books and one day I must make it into a book. I wish I had a picture of his letters to post for this post but I will have to keep you excited for future posts when I get my hands on the letters :)
The words of Kenneth Fearing's jumped off the page the first time I read it, and couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness. Did he get to see her again? 

Image found here

Image found here

Come back.
Because tonight you are in my hair and eyes,
And every street light that our taxi passes shows me you again, still you,
And because tonight all other nights are black, all other hours are cold and far away, and now, this minute, the stars are very near and bright
Come back. We will have a celebration to end all celebrations.

-Kenneth Fearing

Has someone ever written you a love letter? Feel free to share :) Would love to hear your Boy Meets Girl® story!



  1. This reminds me of the Sex & The City movie where Carrie & Big are in bed and she is reading the book of love poems from the library and steals his glasses. So sweet.
    Someone write me a love letter!!!