May 24, 2011
found this picture when I googled the word Believe and crazy it is the same picture my DJ's put my Birthday Mood Board. So it is a sign :)

This is my second post today. I am working 24/7 right now (ok that is not new lol!). Pushing myself to make everything as best as I can. Taking on many tasks and trying to do it all right. I am so proud of my new e-commerce site  .  There is still a lot more to be done but it is almost all there. As you know I have been writing in my journal aka blog to let you know about the highs/lows. This year has be surreal and sometimes I do not take a moment to just breathe and enjoy the ride. My mom texted me today and said I BELIEVE in you and that is all I needed. BELIEVE. When you are feeling overwhelmed and you forgot to take a moment remember to BELIEVE. If you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a photographer, a designer, etc remember that you can do it. Each step remember it is a step on the ladder to success. No one said it would be easy. But, if you have a passion you will succeed. So I leave you tonight with a BIG THANK YOU for BELIEVING in ME and my Brand Boy Meets Girl(R). xo, Stacy


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