Friday Finds-Conquered the World’s Biggest Fear! Thank you #Fashion140

May 6, 2011
 "They say on the other side of your greatest fears is your greatest life"-found this quote here

What is your biggest fear? I cannot lie I do fear heights and sometimes flying. I did however, conquer what is thought to be the world’s biggest fear: public speaking. So I am happy to check at least one fear off my list LOL! I am not sure why I was so fearful. As you have seen I am not a fearful person (building a brand from scratch) and I have my own web series where you get a taste of my personality and I am anything from being shy. But, you know that feeling that takes over your whole body ...well that is the feeling I still get from heights and did get throughout my whole speech but I DID IT and I have to say I cannot wait to do it again as I know I could do it 100 times better. Conquering this fear at Lincoln Center is a dream. I am here to educate you on my journey and I truly am grateful to all of you who tweeted/facebooked/texted/called me before and after I spoke. I could write a novel but I thought I would recap with a fun video and pictures instead. Enjoy and if you have a fear make sure to challenge it as life is short and we must live life and embrace all that comes our way.
Full coverage of my speech click here
and for a fun taste of it all check out my video below!

Again thank you #Fashion140, Jeff Pulver and the FashionSnoops team for inviting me to be one of your speakers. The conference was informative and diverse and an overall great experience. Great job my fellow speakers and panel ladies/gents. xo, Stacy
p.s. Thank you DJ Blue Steel for dealing with me during preparation for the speech. Your advice was amazing. You were right :)
Outfit: Vintage jacket (Juju &Moxi), Expedition Dress (Boy Meets Girl®, available May 23rd!), Belt (TopShop), Tights(Boy Meets Girl®, available in July on Boy Meets Girl® !), Shoes (Seychelles for Boy Meets Girl® ), 
Bag (Boy Meets Girl meets Urban Outfitters on behalf of the Young Survival Coalition for Breast Cancer)


  1. Congratulations of conquering your biggest fear! I have a fear of clowns... and advice on overcoming that one!? AHHHHH.
    Loved the video! I wish I would have gotten the chance to see the conference- star studded! I bet it was just great.

    Keep conquering those fears, Stacy.

  2. Hmm I would say don't go to any circus's lol!
    Thanks for your note. And glad you liked the video ...the conference was great! xo Stacy