Inside the creative minds of my DJ team

May 12, 2011
In conjunction with yesterday's post of Jonh Lennon's inspirational quote, I thought it would be fun to ask my Boy Meets Girl(R) team what inspires them by having them share one image- it could be anything, art, fashion, food, architecture. I love seeing what sparks their creativity!

Kathryn(Dj NielleKat)- "This inspires me because of the eccentricity of the space. It looks lived in, unpretentious and somewhat whimsical, like there are stories behind every item in this room. And I love the man’s outfit... slacks, beater, and suspenders. =)" (photographer, Jeff Wall)

Taylor(DJ Sly)- "This photo of me and my mother inspires me because she followed her two big dreams of becoming an educator and having her own family, and she successfully did it all on her own.  This picture inspires me to work hard every day so I can make all of my big dreams become reality."

Thank you DJ's for your amazing pictures and your hard work in building the EMPIRE :) 


  1. Sweet picture! With a dream and determination EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE....GOOD LUCK!

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  2. Thanks for your note. Love these photos too! And Yes you are right with a dream and determination everything is possible! Will check you out. Xx Stacy