My (tiny) Special Guests

May 19, 2011
I have been meaning to post these images of when Pilar and Michelle(Fuse TV Wardrobe Stylists) came to my cardboard office to visit a couple of months ago. To my surprise, Pilar brought her adorable twins, Fin and Pia! They were such a treat to have in the office and a nice change in pace :) I brought out some markers and large sheets of paper to entertain them- but they seemed to like the cardboard hats & wish-wall instead!
I really hope they come back to visit soon!

Pia rocking a cardboard hat


Pilar and her twins :)

Stuck together ;)

Playing with the wishwall. I wonder what their wish was?

We tried to take this picture a million times but the twins wouldn't look haha! They wanted more cardboard lol!



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