This or That

May 3, 2011
 As some of you know, tomorrow I am speaking at the Fashion140 Conference at Lincoln Center. Let's just say I'm starting to feel the butterflies and nerves! To distract me from thinking about it too much, I decided to play around with some outfit ideas for tomorrow. Now conferences can be tricky to dress for because you want to make a great first impression, but comfort is also very important because you have a long day ahead. Here are some staple pieces that I know will make me feel not only comfortable, but chic and confident as well. 
Option #1 consists of the Boy Meets Girl® Expedition Utility Dress(available on on May 23rd!)- a great dress to wear at any time of day. I can dress it up with a blazer and necklaces to give it a more sophisticated look. And looks great with my special Seychelles shoes ironically called EYE to EYE!
Or there is Option #2-  a navy Nanette Lepore Cotton Suit paired with a Vintage Boy Meets Girl® Alice Tee(one of the first I ever made!). Now what I love about this outfit is the mix of play and classic. It makes me look confident without trying too hard. Hmm what to decide, the dress or the suit?

 OPTION #1: dress
Boy Meets Girl® Expedition Utility Dress available online May 23rd :)

Seychelles Eye to Eye wedge
 OPTION #2: suit
Vintage Boy Meets Girl® Lucky Tee
Nanette Lepore Cotton Suit (navy)

 Leave a comment and let me know which option you would pick!


  1. Option #1 but only because I am a dress girl!
    And don't worry Stacy, you are an excellent speaker- just have a nice glass of gin for the nerves and go for it!
    Amanda K xxx

  2. Number 1!!!! woo!!!

  3. I am feeling the dress too. I think I will feel more me in it. I wore it in another color to my Spring/Summer 2011 New York Fashion Week show. IT is comfy, cool, edgy, fun and I designed it :)thanks guys!!!

  4. Yes :) I like the dress too!!
    So excited for tomorrow!