Boy Meets Nubia's Nonesense Girl!

June 30, 2011
I am sure we can all agree that dressing for the summer in NYC can be quite a challenge, especially for a summer concert outside! My friend/blogger Nubia of Nubia's Nonesense wanted to show me how she dresses for summer concerts! Take it away Nubia :)

  Basically as a born and raised New Yorker I know summer weather gets UNBEARABLE! You seriously want to wear a tank, shorts and nothing else! At times it's hard to feel stylish when it's 100 degrees. I think what is ideal for a concert or park trip in a NYC summer to feel comfortable yet look fashionable is.... shorts, tank tops, accessories (jewelry/headgear,purses, backpacks) Bright colors, comfortable shoes (fashionable flats: leopard, glitzy, or small wedges)

I love how Nubia paired the Boy Meets Girl® Coup D'oeil Short with a cropped top! 
What a great way to stay cool and stylish :) And it helps that Nubia has rock solid abs :)
Which of Nubia's outfit is your favorite look for this summer?



  1. You look great in all of them :P

  2. The third picture is more of my style. I don't have the abs like Nubia's, so the anything with the word "cropped" is not going to work (unless paired with a high-waisted botttom. I love the head dressing as well. #3 is definitely me.

    I do love the colors incorporated in the other two outfits.