Caprice Crane’s Find Luck & Get Luck Contest

June 28, 2011
One of my favorite authors and a close friend of mine Caprice Crane has created a great contest around the release of her new book, With a Little Luck. Check out her contest below where you can enter to win a copy of her new book AND a Boy Meets Girl® t-shirt we designed together for her book launch!
Also Missy Peregrym, star of ABC’s summer hit, Rookie Blue is seen wearing the t-shirt here :)

I will never forget the first time I met Caprice in my old office in the garment center here in NYC. I got a knock on the door and this girl (aka Caprice) said "hey are you the owner for Boy Meets Girl(R) and I was like Yes"  And she proceeded to tell me she had just broken up with her BoyFriend and had bought a personalized hoodie from me so instead of throwing out she cut out his name from the hoodie because she loved the hoodie so much. And that is how we started our friendship & the rest is history xo Stacy
ohh and also check out the movie trailer Caprice wrote here Love Wedding Marriage


Show your skill for finding luck, not just waiting for it to happen.
Leprechauns have always led us to lucky finds and the little guy on a box of Lucky Charms™ is no different. He’s always shown us the way to delicious symbols of luck (not to mention sugary, marshmallow goodness).
Now it’s your turn to look around you and find luck in the world. It’s out there, and there’s no reason to just sit on your futon waiting for it to come to you. So get out there and send me photos of the symbols of luck found in a box of Lucky Charms™ in your universe.


1. Send one pic each of three of the symbols of luck represented in a box of Lucky Charms™ cereal:
Pink Hearts
Orange Stars
Yellow Moons
Green Clovers
Blue Diamonds
Purple Horsehoes
2. The pics must be sent together, all at once. You can set up a Flickr or Picasa (or your photo-sharing app of choice) album and just link me to that. The timing of your entry will be based on when all 3 pictures are received, so don’t think you’re being clever by sending one ASAP and then letting the other 5 trickle in. I’m onto you.
3. You must include the date in your photos so I know you didn’t just steal them from an online source or pull them from the random collection of photos on your phone. Your creative flair will determine how you include the date. It just needs to be there.
4. You have to take the photos yourself. I don’t want to have to break up any thumb wrestling matches over who has the rights to the photos. And I sure don’t want any calls from Annie Leibovitz telling me she should have won the t-shirt and not you.
5. Color matching for each symbol is not a requirement for winning, but it will be used as a tie-breaker. If the horseshoe you find is orange and not purple, you won’t be disqualified, but if I’m deciding between a purple horseshoe and an orange one, purple gets the edge.
6. SAFETY FIRST! Be careful getting pics. Don’t do anything dangerous. I mean, my book is good and the t-shirt is smokin’ but, seriously, it’s not worth injuring yourself or any of your friends.
Don’t make me send my mom to monitor your activities!


Three winners will be chosen:
1. Fastest entry. The person who submits a complete, fully qualifying entry the fastest will win. I get to make the final call on what is “complete” and “fully qualifying.” Time of submission will be based on the timestamp applied to your submission on my site. And then I get to be the judge of who was first.
2. Most creative photos. I will also award a prize to the person who I feel found the symbols in the most creative places, or came up with the most creative way of photographing them. Check it: This is absolutely an objective prize. I GET PICKSIES! I like, you maybe win. I love, you totally win. You like, I don’t care. It’s my choice. Be creative.
3. Best use of other people. Don’t be naughty. Don’t be cruel. But do get your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens to help. Think of the fun you can create for all the people around you when you come up with ways for them to be the luck in your life.


The contest runs from NOW until July 15, 2011
Photos must be taken by the entrant within the time frame of the contest. Use of stock photos is prohibited. Use of photos found on the Web is prohibited. Use of photos you took at some other time is prohibited. Come on, get out and have some fun with this. I know you can Google, so I’m not interested in your ability to find a blue diamond on the triple dubs.
Do not just take pictures of a box of Lucky Charms™ or the marshmallows contained in said box. Feel free to eat Lucky Charms™, but I won’t accept entries of Lucky Charms™. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking about doing.
Entries must be complete at time of entry. All 3 photos must be submitted at the same time.
Entrants may submit more than one complete entry, but can only win once. One or two photos is not a complete entry. Each entry must contain 3 unique photos.
Entries must be submitted through No other method of submission will be considered. No kidding. I’d love 3 cakes with your pics in frosting on them, but they won’t win. (Though they may be tasty.) (I may rethink this.)

How to submit:

Send album links through Caprice's website

Enjoy and good luck!


p.s. you can see the other shirt I designed for Caprice's past book "Forget about It" here 

and last p.s.s. I love what I do and I am so grateful with a little bit of Luck I met my friend Caprice Crane :)


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