Friday's Date Night Finds

June 24, 2011
I am very excited to be spending a relaxing and (work-free..hopefully ;)) weekend with DJ Blue Steel. It's so important to decompress once in awhile! I planned a stay at home date night :)
Here are my essentials for the perfect date night at home:

1. Pick up a couple of great comedies, my personal favorites include: Harold and Maude, Airplane and CaddyShack.
You can purchase it here!

2. Snacks! A date night is not complete without some delicious goodies :) Frozen Grapes, Tofu Munchies, and my guilty pleasure PopChips. 

3. Take Out- PeaceFood Cafe has amazing delicious food that's good for you to!

tempeh avocado sandwich

4. Last but not least make sure all  your hand-held devices are turned off :)


1 comment:

  1. OKAY Number 4! Turn off the phones! I have to so Agree with this one! So often we are stuff and glued to our phones! It's so rude to pull these outs during a date! I think they should be left in the glove box!