Inside the creative minds of my DJ team, Part 2

August 4, 2011
In a previous post, I showcased some of my Dj team and they shared an image that continues to inspire them. Today I bring you two other Dj's and their inspiration photos :)

Liberty (Dj Libs)- This is my favorite image because it's simple but people can make many different assumptions of what's going on in this picture, and too me that's what makes it so unique!

Michelle (Dj London)- Art Nouveau is my absolute favorite artwork. It has this 'free to be' attitude where your imagination can run wild. Gustav Klimt created the piece above, Mother and Child- his work never ceases to amaze me or inspire me, his work basically takes my breathe away.

Thank you Dj's for sharing your inspiring images! I love seeing where my team draws their creativity from :)

Stacy (Dj Daisy Deesh)


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