Words of Wisdom

August 31, 2011
Typically, I like to posts artists, photographers, or thoughts from my team, on Inspirational Wednesdays.  This Wednesday, I thought I'd change it up a little.  Instead of telling you about an artist that uses paint or a camera as their creative medium, I thought I'd share some artists that use words to be creative.

I've been a fan of Thought Catalogue for a while now.  As the  website describes itself, "Thought Catalogue is a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought."  Basically, the website is overflowing with short stories written by many writers who submit their stories (which must be 500 words or less) to the website.
I remember when DJ Blue Steel used to submit his short stories to an online short story contest page back in the day (hmm I might have to feature some of his short stories in the future.)

Here are a few of my favorite Thought Catalogue submissions:

click here for story
click here for story

click here for story

The thing I love most about Thought Catalogue is that it is straight-forward.  People write how they feel and aren't afraid to do it.  In a world where society puts so many social-limits on you it is great to see that you have a place where you can write anything and everything you're feeling, unedited, submit it, and have it published for others to relate to how you feel.

What's your favorite Thought Catalogue story?


Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl T-shirts launched!

August 30, 2011
I am SO excited to announce that the Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl T-shirts have officially launched on the Boy Meets Girl(R) Site!
I've had a lot of fun designing these tees with my team and Campus Candy :)
Thank you to everyone who contributed in naming the shirts as well!

Want to get the chance to model the Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl T-shirts?? Enter our casting call via Explore Modeling! See you at Penn State on Sept.18th! So excited to go back to College! Will be be reporting back on my experience. Stay Tune... And promise will be coming to University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012 ;)

ALSO 10% OF THE SALE OF EVERY SHIRT WILL BE DONATED BACK TO THE YOUNG SURVIVAL COALITION FOR BREAST CANCER http://www.youngsurvival.org/ in dedication to my dear friend Kristen Martinez www.kristenmartinez.org. 
Get inspired-www.kristenmartinez.org & Get educated- www.youngsurvival.org !


Music Monday- Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Maroon 5)

August 29, 2011
I've been a Maroon 5 fan for quite some time now and I love their new album, Hands All Over, just as much as I loved the band's debut album, Songs About Jane, in 2002.

The video for this song is reminiscent of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1970's "Give Peace A Chance" bed-in.  Their alternative to violence was to "stay in bed and grow your hair."  There is so much meaning behind what John & Yoko did, and I love that this video reminds me of that, but on a more personal-relationship level; "stay in bed and be faithful."

Music Monday - Never gonna leave this bed (Maroon 5)


Friday's Fall Finds

August 26, 2011
I love living on the east coast because of the change in seasons (I actually wrote my college essay on the my daily walk to school and the change of seasons!)- not saying I wouldn't love to live in LA for a bit, but NYC is more my style ;) It's fun to shop for easy pieces that will give you a smooth transition from summer to fall and I have just the perfect items for you!

Coco Hoodie: this is my go to item for those days when it starts to get a bit chilly at night
Sanctuary Top: it's all about the layers this fall! Try mix and matching this breathable top with a long maxi skirt or cut off denim.
Drip Tee: pair this fun top with comfy leggings and a wrap around scarf!

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?


Craving Change

August 25, 2011
Maybe it's the fact that me and Dj Blue Steel have been on this endless apartment hunt or the need for a change in scenery, but these images are intensifying my craving for a new place to call home!

Fairytale chic

Welcome Home

Mellow Yellow


What is your favorite thing about your apartment/home?


Bold, Brilliant, Brazil

August 24, 2011
When I discovered that this talented artist is from Brazil, I thought..of course I am instantly inspired! As you know from my past posts, I traveled to Brazil and immediately felt my creative mind take over- between the architecture, scenery, and people I loved every second of it. Zé Otavio's illustrations are so raw and full of emotion. Like Brazil, his work depicts a very bright and bold culture, full of life and entertainment. Have you ever been to Brazil?? If not I highly recommend it ;)

All work seen here


What is your personal mantra? A THINK.SAY.DO. Fashion Week Ticket Contest

August 23, 2011
I apply my personal mantra to all areas of my life. It is this mantra that was put forth into the creation of my brand Boy Meets Girl(R)!! I think it’s important to have your own personal mantra as you go about your day, especially when it comes to setting goals for yourself and achieving them. 

clearly destined to be a fashion designer at the age of 3  :)

That was me then..This is me now!
Me with my friend Natasha Bedingfield at the Feb2011 Boy Meets Girl(R) NYFW Runway Show where she opened with an amazing performance!

I can’t believe that New York Fashion Week is just around the corner!! I’m so excited to be putting together a presentation of my Americana inspiration Collection in honor of Sept.11th and my 10th year anniversary of starting my brand!!! It’s a dream come true to be participating in NYFW as this is something I have always worked hard to achieve. Now I want two of my fans to have the opportunity to experience it with me :)) 

The words THINK, SAY, and DO are each important on their own, but combined it gives the terms new meaning. What THREE words make up your personal mantra?

Two Tickets to our Boy Meets Girl® Presentation during New York Fashion Week, on September 11th, 9-11pm at Avenue. 

How to enter:

A) Follow @boymeetsgirlusa and tweet the THREE words that make up your personal mantra using this format.

@BoyMeetsGirlUSA #MyPersonalMantra is X.Y.Z.


B) 'Like' the Boy Meets Girl® Facebook page and post your personal mantra on our wall as follows:  
"My personal mantra is X.Y.Z."

Contest Starts: NOW! (will be Tuesday, August 23rd at NOON)
Contest ends: Tuesday, September 6th 11:59pm EST
Winner announced: Wednesday, September 7th 12:00pm EST

If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook, or don’t feel comfortable entering via the internet, please send your entry to the address before September 5th, 2011: Please include either a self addressed, stamped envelope or an email address where you can be contacted.

Boy Meets Girl®
Fashion Week Contest
1411 Broadway, 8th floor
New York, NY 10018

Best of luck! Can’t wait to see you there!


Music Monday - Skinny Love (Bon Iver)

August 22, 2011
My Dj's, London & Sly, absolutely love Bon Iver and really got me into him lately.  I think I'm so drawn to his songs, "Skinny Love" in particular, because of the sweet, smooth, and calming, acoustic sounds.  I also really love that all of Bon Iver's songs have deep meaning that you don't realize when you first listen to them, but after a few plays you really start to understand.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the name for the band derives from "Bon Hiver" which means "good winter" in french.  People were pronouncing the name wrong (in french the "h" is silent), so they decided to change it to "Bon Iver."

Music Mondays- Skinny Love (Bon Iver)

T shirt
T shirt
Every Which Way Skirt

Friday's Picnic Finds

August 19, 2011
Did anyone know that August is National Picnic Month?! I love finding these little holidays via the internet haha.. So with that said, I decided to share with everyone what I would pack for a lovely picnic outing in Central Park with Dj Blue Steel and some friends :)

Image found here

1. Delicious yummy homemade foods! Potlucks are a great idea for any event, inside or outdoors

Image found here

2. Games! I love the game backgammon as some of you may know from a previous blog post I did.

3. My Polaroid Camera- this is definitely one of those photo opp days!

Image found here

4.Protection from the sun is so important as you know! This is one of my favorite hats and goes with almost every outfit :)


Boy Meets Girl teams up with Explore Modeling for TWO NY Fashion Week Castings!

August 18, 2011
I cannot believe September is almost here, which means New York Fashion Week is right around the corner!! Feels like it was yesterday when we had our Spring/Summer runway show with Natasha Bedingfield!!

I’m so excited to be working again with Explore Modeling to help cast 11 models for our NYFW Presentation on Sunday, September 11th (this is a very special presentation for me. We are honoring Sept.11th as well as my decade anniversary of starting my brand..more details to come). If you think you have what it takes to rock New York Fashion Week check out the casting contest details here :) http://exploremodeling.com/Casting/BMGNYFWShow2011/Default.aspx

Not only are we hosting a modeling contest for Fashion Week, but we are also casting 10 University- enrolled female students for a College Fashion Week Experience at Penn State University on September 18th. If you’re still in school, but have a passion for fashion and modeling, put it to good use and ROCK Boy Meets Girl(R) at PSU!! See the casting contest details here.

Again, SOO thrilled to be working with Explore Modeling for New York Fashion Week and College Fashion Week and I’m confident that we’re going to find the right girls who are really going to kill it in Boy Meets Girl!!

Ahh, so pumped!!


Marion Bolognesi

August 17, 2011
I always wished I could perfect water coloring- it is a very specific and patient technique which I have yet to dabble in. Water color is so beautiful, delicate and inspirational which is why I must showcase one of my new favorite artists, Marion Bolognesi- water color genius!

All artwork can be found here


WINNERS: What's in a Name? Contest

August 16, 2011
Thanks so much to everyone for participating in our What’s in a Name Contest!! I loved reading all of your entries and am so exciting to announce the winning names!  If you see your winning t-shirt name below please send an email to pr@boymeetsgirlusa.com with your information. Since you win the shirt YOU helped name, we only need your Size and mailing address.
Thanks so much again to everyone who entered!! Promise there will be many more contests to come :))

Congrats Olivia Dello Buono who named this shirt “The Andie.”
When I saw this I immediately got flashbacks of a young Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink. She was an icon of style in the 80's, and rightfully so. It makes sense to pair this chic shirt with an iconic film character.
**I loved the name of this shirt, especially because I love just about every movie that Molly RIngwald was ever in!! Pretty in Pink is one of my favs! And have a thing with naming Boy names to shirts :)  

Congrats ‎Amy Rouse, who named this shirt "Possibili-tees."
… Because it's white and the message makes you think of the possibilities...
** Love this. College is all about possibilities and pursuing your dreams. Always reach for the stars!

Congrats Jess Santopetro who named this shirt the "Up All Night" Tee...
Because when you're in college you're up all night either studying or partying ;-)
** Yes indeed and when you’re out of college it seems to be work & play. Of course I work in the city that never sleeps so liked this especially.

Congrats Rina Red who named this shirt the “Drama Queen” tee.
This tee represents the Drama clubs.. A boy meets a girl in drama club and shared their first kiss on stage.
** .. and so begins the story of Boy Meets Girl :)

 Congrats Karen Pontti who named this shirt, the “Naughty-n-Nice” tee.
The idea that bad girls eat candy implies that there is some sweetness in is all
**..Enough Said :)