Friday's Summer Concert Finds

August 5, 2011
Dj London went to see Lykke Li this week at Central Park's SummerStage! So jealous I couldn't get to go but she wanted to do a recap of her night watching one of my personal favorite musicians :) take it away Dj London!


First of all, I apologize for the fuzzy images I took at the show- I was dancing and jumping around the entire time and of course that resulted in less than stellar images..but anyway! Lykke Li is one of my all time favorite musicians too. She has this ability to look so graceful and free on stage- her movement and stage presence are hard to compete with. She has that 'it' factor which many artists strive for. Her voice is just as amazing live as it is on her Cd's and not to mention, her band was amazing! They all gelled so well together and really complimented Lykke Li's taunting yet soft voice.

She sang some of favorites from both of her albums, Youth Novels and Wounded Rhymes: I Know Places, Little Bit, Get Some, Love out of Lust and Sadness is a Blessing- it's hard to say which album I like better because there are just too many great tracks on both!

Love this shirt my friend bought at the show

I'm excited to see how Lykke Li's sound develops in the future and I definitely will be going to more of her NYC shows!

-Dj London

Thank you Dj London for your amazing review. Love the tee shirt too!


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