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August 31, 2011
Typically, I like to posts artists, photographers, or thoughts from my team, on Inspirational Wednesdays.  This Wednesday, I thought I'd change it up a little.  Instead of telling you about an artist that uses paint or a camera as their creative medium, I thought I'd share some artists that use words to be creative.

I've been a fan of Thought Catalogue for a while now.  As the  website describes itself, "Thought Catalogue is a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought."  Basically, the website is overflowing with short stories written by many writers who submit their stories (which must be 500 words or less) to the website.
I remember when DJ Blue Steel used to submit his short stories to an online short story contest page back in the day (hmm I might have to feature some of his short stories in the future.)

Here are a few of my favorite Thought Catalogue submissions:

click here for story
click here for story

click here for story

The thing I love most about Thought Catalogue is that it is straight-forward.  People write how they feel and aren't afraid to do it.  In a world where society puts so many social-limits on you it is great to see that you have a place where you can write anything and everything you're feeling, unedited, submit it, and have it published for others to relate to how you feel.

What's your favorite Thought Catalogue story?



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