Friday's Yoga Finds

September 30, 2011
My life has been so busy lately, dealing with collaborations and NY Fashion Week, among other exciting things, that I haven't been finding as much time to exercise as I'd like to.  I've been looking into new ways to get my cardio in, and Dj Sly told me about Yoga To The People.

Yoga To The People Mantra

As stated on their website, Yoga To The People is a unique yoga studio with the goal of recapturing what they consider to be the essence of yoga… simply put, yoga made available to everyone.

There are so many great things about YTTP- they run on donation-only, so classes are pay what you wish ($10 suggested donation), they have a very open schedule (there is a class about every two hours, 7 days a week), and they have 5 studios in New York (they also have studios in Seattle, San Francisco, and Berkeley).
And even if you aren't able to get to one of their studios, don't fret!  You can listen to one of their podcasts and flow-along with them.  Or watch one of their videos on YouTube (which I have been doing b/c unfortunately I have not been able to get there like DJ Sly. My Schedule in Aug to the end of Sept. is 6am to 4am literally non-stop. NO sleep for this girl on a mission)

Yoga To The People studio
photo found here

Because yoga is the perfect amount of cardio and strength training combined with relaxation and meditation, I find it to be the perfect way to both exercise all release all of my tension at the end of the day.  After yoga, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed!

Child's Pose is so relaxing
photo found here

What's your favorite yoga pose?


Quote of the week

September 29, 2011
I found this quote back in April and had to share it again. It's a great way to remember to take initiative and that being a leader is a very positive thing.

"Sometimes you just have to take the lead and build your wings on the way down" -Kobi Yamada

How amazing is this jacket?!
you know I love rocking anything with Birds/Eagles on it. Because my last name sounds like Eagle and I love butterflies and flying :)

What quote inspires you?


Milo Greene

September 28, 2011
Recently I've been obsessed with the band Milo Greene..I've been playing them non-stop in my office. So much so that Dj London is now obsessed too! I wanted to dedicate this blog post to this amazing fresh band and images that remind me of their music :) And Shoutout thank you to DJ Jared for introducing them to me.
What do you think of Milo Greene?

Don't You Give Up on Me
Silent Way
Autumn Tree

Fall in Love

September 27, 2011
Is everyone ready for Fall?? I know I am! I've noticed I've been dressing more layered recently- whether it's pairing flannel with a Boy Meets Girl(R) tee underneath or loading up scarves with my new BC boots!

Image found here
Boy Meets Girl My City Leggings

Image found here

Any fun plans this Fall season? What's your favorite go to piece this fall?



Music Monday-Forever Young (Youth Group)

September 26, 2011
I love this song, it makes me nostalgic of my childhood. What's your favorite Youth Group song??

Music Mondays- Forever Young (Youth Group)


WINNERS: Name the NEW Boy Meets Girl(R) Intimates Collection Contest!

September 23, 2011
Thanks so much to everyone for participating in our Name the NEW Boy Meets Girl(R) Intimates Collection Contest! I loved reading all of your entries and am so excited to announce the winning names!  If you see your winning underwear group name below please send an email to with your mailing information.

Thanks so much again to everyone who entered!! Promise there will be many more contests to come :))

 Congrats Sarah Morey!! The name of Group #1 is now "Silver Screen!!" She says the silver of the Boy Meets Girl(R) Logo reminds her of the silver screen movies.
*We loved this name! We want everyone that wears to feel like a movie star!!

Congrats Amanda Beard! Group #2 is now named the "Girl Meets Boy." She says these fun undies have a 'boyish' feel and is for the laid back girl!
*We picked this one because who says our laid-back girl can't rock this underwear!? ... plus it's a fun twist on our real name :)

Congrats Rosanna Gautreaux for choosing the name "Kiss on the Cheek," the new name of Group #3... for obvious reasons :P
*We thought this name was perfect because there's a little flirt in all of us, perfect when wearing these!

Congrats Olivia Dello Buono, for suggesting "Straight Laced," the new name of Group #4, because It's kind of a play on words because this panty is anything but.

*We agree! Nothing boring about these :))

Thanks to everyone who participated!!


Lights, Camera, Action!

September 22, 2011
Breaking news- One of my absolute favorite books, Just Kids is going to become a movie! I am beyond excited for this film adaptation to begin! Patti Smith is a huge influence in my life, from her story to her style and music, I adore this woman. Check out the Rolling Stones article here for more details! And if you haven't picked up the book yet, go grab it ASAP.. I did past posts on Patti Smith on my blog to so check them out :)

Buy it! You won't regret it ;)


Name the NEW Boy Meets Girl® Intimates Collection Contest! 9/21

September 21, 2011
Hey there Sweet Cheeks!
Naming the NEW Boy Meets Girl® Intimates Collection! (Facebook ONLY)
Since we LOVED the names everyone came up with for the Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl What's in a Name Contest, we decided to host another contest where you get the chance to name our NEW Intimates Collection which is launching on on October 5th!
Check out below for more details :) and good luck!

 The pictures of the intimates collection is below:




We will be creating a FACEBOOK ALBUM titled “BOY MEETS GIRL® INTIMATES COLLECTION NAMING CONTEST." Under each photo you must “Comment” with the name you think is best for that particular group of underwear and WHY? We want the names to have meaning!
The 4 WINNERS will each receive a fun Boy Meets Girl(R) Tote Bag full of fun prizes, including: Tara Smith Hair Products, Boy Meets Girl(R) promotional codes and much more!
Giveaway Starts: NOW! (WEDNESDAY, Sept. 21st)
Giveaway ends: THURSDAY, September 22nd 11:59pm EST
Winner announced: FRIDAY, September 23rd 12:00pm EST
If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook, or don’t feel comfortable entering via the internet, please send your entry -- a Printed list of your suggestions -- to the address below before September 22nd, 2011. Please include either a self addressed, stamped envelope or an email address where you can be contacted.
Boy Meets Girl®
Boy Meets Girl® Intimates Collection  Naming Contest
1411 Broadway, 8th floor
New York, NY 10018
Best of luck!

Boy Meets UNIVERSITY Girl!

September 20, 2011

Over the weekend I took the Boy Meets Girl(R) DJ team right off of NYFW to Penn State University to launch our first ever UNIVERSITY event called "The Ultimate College Fashion Experience(c)" and what we have trademarked as #CollegeFashionWeek (CFW)! Sunday Sept.11th was the Boy Meets Girl(R) NYFW show and this past Sunday Sept.18th was our CFW show! To say we are all tired busy bees is an understatement. But, this month is fashion madness and it is what we all love. So the hard work does and will pay off (a lesson I keep learning)!
I cannot describe how thankful I am for such an incredible DJ team. Each one of you worked so hard and continue to every second to get all in order with me to build an EMPIRE. THANK  YOU!
DJ London packing up the van before our PSU ROADTRIP!
DJ Midnight Manicure turned DJ amazing driver!
DJ webby ---only let me shoot her in her BC shoes! She likes being behind a camera :)
DJ MM, DJ Platform, DJ Sly, DJ daisy deesh(me)

There is so much to report on from PSU. So I thought I would give you highlights in my crazy fashion busy style :)

1. PSU students love Candy. Thank you Campus Candy and CMO/CD Jake Udell for your hard work and hosting this CFW event with me and the team. We loved having a fashion show in a Candy Store! Shout out to the the most amazing store manager Sean who helped us on site to make sure all was in tact :) We heart you and your hard work! Also Thank you to The Collegian and reporter Kendra Lief  for covering the event. Check out full article here
2) Thank you to our celebrity hair and makeup artists below who made the models look AMAZING and drove in from NYC :)

Elisa Tallerico & Betsey Reyes
 3) Thank you to the incredible models!!! There were 9 models just like NYFW. The shots below were taken on my blackberry getting ready so missing a few girls below but they will be captured this week on the site!

4.  Thank you to the girls below who came to my D.I.Y. session and asked me questions on building Boy Meets Girl(R). You were all soooo smart and asked such key questions. Look forward to learning more about your next steps! Keep in touch :)

5.  I was really in a Candy Store all day so unfortunately didn't get to see all of the PSU campus but THANK YOU for having me and my team. BAD GIRLS EAT CANDY t-shirt below sold exclusively at all Campus Candy stores and here- 5% of all retail sales from store sales and 10% of all retail sales will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition for breast cancer in dedication of my dear friend Kristen Martinez.

6. Clearly I love to share with you all the details of everything happening with me Behind the Seams and sometimes have a hard time narrowing down everything I want to thankfully my web series "Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel"  (which is now exclusive to is on the next 8 episodes with me to capture the whole journey from NYFW to CFW- and will be airing in December! I will update you when the webseries goes live!

7. And again thank you to all partners involved in this "The Ultimate Fashion Experience" 1st stop at PSU.


Friday Movie Gif Finds

September 16, 2011
Can you guess what movies these animated GIFs are from?  
Just highlight the area after the "answer: " caption and you will find the answer!  

Good luck :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
answer: The Graduate
found here

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
answer: Breakfast At Tiffany's
found here

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
answer: Clueless
found here

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
answer: The Switch
found here

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
answer: 500 Days of Summer
found here

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
answer: Titanic
found here

Which GIF is your favorite?  What's your favorite movie?

Xo, Stacy

Beautiful Braids

September 15, 2011

Found here

Summer is winding down, and Fall is coming fast.  Time to change that wardrobe and your hairstyle.  I've been seeing a huge trend is manipulated braids lately- from fishtails to waterfalls, braids are everywhere.  The hard part is figuring out how to do these detailed braids, but the easy part is rocking them!

Loose Fishtail
found here
Fishtail Braid
found here
Found here
Weave Braid
Found here

What's your favorite style of braiding?


Inspiration Through Watercolor

September 14, 2011
Lately, I have really been drawn to artists who use watercolor paints as their medium-of-choice.  One of my new favorite watercolor artists is agnes-cecile.  What I find so unique and amazing about this artist is that she records herself painting each one of her masterpieces and uploads them to her YouTube channel.

This is one of my favorite videos of agnes-cecile's
I love the music that is perfectly paired with the performance
Video found here

By recording and publishing how her artwork is created, she creates, not only an amazing piece of watercolor artwork, but also an amazing performance art piece.

Photo found here

I find agnes-cecile's artwork truly inspiring and her new views on watercolors as pure creativity.

Photo found here

Which one of agnes-cecile's videos or paintings is your favorite?



September 13, 2011
I am coming off of the Boy Meets Girl(R) NYFW show which was incredible and preparing to launch for the first time ever College Fashion Week Experience at Penn State which will be this Sunday!
Ahhh we are non-stop over here, but I wanted to do a quick blog post and say THANK YOU to my entire team who made Sunday 9/11 a night to remember! I promise tons of photos/updates to come.


Music Monday - California (Rogue Wave)

September 12, 2011
I've always loved this song, it's very peaceful and relaxing :) perfect to listen to if you're having a stressful day! Or if you just finished NYFW hehe

Music Monday- California (Rogue Wave)

$39 -

What's your favorite song by Rogue Wave?