Boy Meets UNIVERSITY Girl!

September 20, 2011

Over the weekend I took the Boy Meets Girl(R) DJ team right off of NYFW to Penn State University to launch our first ever UNIVERSITY event called "The Ultimate College Fashion Experience(c)" and what we have trademarked as #CollegeFashionWeek (CFW)! Sunday Sept.11th was the Boy Meets Girl(R) NYFW show and this past Sunday Sept.18th was our CFW show! To say we are all tired busy bees is an understatement. But, this month is fashion madness and it is what we all love. So the hard work does and will pay off (a lesson I keep learning)!
I cannot describe how thankful I am for such an incredible DJ team. Each one of you worked so hard and continue to every second to get all in order with me to build an EMPIRE. THANK  YOU!
DJ London packing up the van before our PSU ROADTRIP!
DJ Midnight Manicure turned DJ amazing driver!
DJ webby ---only let me shoot her in her BC shoes! She likes being behind a camera :)
DJ MM, DJ Platform, DJ Sly, DJ daisy deesh(me)

There is so much to report on from PSU. So I thought I would give you highlights in my crazy fashion busy style :)

1. PSU students love Candy. Thank you Campus Candy and CMO/CD Jake Udell for your hard work and hosting this CFW event with me and the team. We loved having a fashion show in a Candy Store! Shout out to the the most amazing store manager Sean who helped us on site to make sure all was in tact :) We heart you and your hard work! Also Thank you to The Collegian and reporter Kendra Lief  for covering the event. Check out full article here
2) Thank you to our celebrity hair and makeup artists below who made the models look AMAZING and drove in from NYC :)

Elisa Tallerico & Betsey Reyes
 3) Thank you to the incredible models!!! There were 9 models just like NYFW. The shots below were taken on my blackberry getting ready so missing a few girls below but they will be captured this week on the site!

4.  Thank you to the girls below who came to my D.I.Y. session and asked me questions on building Boy Meets Girl(R). You were all soooo smart and asked such key questions. Look forward to learning more about your next steps! Keep in touch :)

5.  I was really in a Candy Store all day so unfortunately didn't get to see all of the PSU campus but THANK YOU for having me and my team. BAD GIRLS EAT CANDY t-shirt below sold exclusively at all Campus Candy stores and here- 5% of all retail sales from store sales and 10% of all retail sales will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition for breast cancer in dedication of my dear friend Kristen Martinez.

6. Clearly I love to share with you all the details of everything happening with me Behind the Seams and sometimes have a hard time narrowing down everything I want to thankfully my web series "Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel"  (which is now exclusive to is on the next 8 episodes with me to capture the whole journey from NYFW to CFW- and will be airing in December! I will update you when the webseries goes live!

7. And again thank you to all partners involved in this "The Ultimate Fashion Experience" 1st stop at PSU.



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