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September 30, 2011
My life has been so busy lately, dealing with collaborations and NY Fashion Week, among other exciting things, that I haven't been finding as much time to exercise as I'd like to.  I've been looking into new ways to get my cardio in, and Dj Sly told me about Yoga To The People.

Yoga To The People Mantra

As stated on their website, Yoga To The People is a unique yoga studio with the goal of recapturing what they consider to be the essence of yoga… simply put, yoga made available to everyone.

There are so many great things about YTTP- they run on donation-only, so classes are pay what you wish ($10 suggested donation), they have a very open schedule (there is a class about every two hours, 7 days a week), and they have 5 studios in New York (they also have studios in Seattle, San Francisco, and Berkeley).
And even if you aren't able to get to one of their studios, don't fret!  You can listen to one of their podcasts and flow-along with them.  Or watch one of their videos on YouTube (which I have been doing b/c unfortunately I have not been able to get there like DJ Sly. My Schedule in Aug to the end of Sept. is 6am to 4am literally non-stop. NO sleep for this girl on a mission)

Yoga To The People studio
photo found here

Because yoga is the perfect amount of cardio and strength training combined with relaxation and meditation, I find it to be the perfect way to both exercise all release all of my tension at the end of the day.  After yoga, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed!

Child's Pose is so relaxing
photo found here

What's your favorite yoga pose?


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