WINNERS: Name the NEW Boy Meets Girl(R) Intimates Collection Contest!

September 23, 2011
Thanks so much to everyone for participating in our Name the NEW Boy Meets Girl(R) Intimates Collection Contest! I loved reading all of your entries and am so excited to announce the winning names!  If you see your winning underwear group name below please send an email to with your mailing information.

Thanks so much again to everyone who entered!! Promise there will be many more contests to come :))

 Congrats Sarah Morey!! The name of Group #1 is now "Silver Screen!!" She says the silver of the Boy Meets Girl(R) Logo reminds her of the silver screen movies.
*We loved this name! We want everyone that wears to feel like a movie star!!

Congrats Amanda Beard! Group #2 is now named the "Girl Meets Boy." She says these fun undies have a 'boyish' feel and is for the laid back girl!
*We picked this one because who says our laid-back girl can't rock this underwear!? ... plus it's a fun twist on our real name :)

Congrats Rosanna Gautreaux for choosing the name "Kiss on the Cheek," the new name of Group #3... for obvious reasons :P
*We thought this name was perfect because there's a little flirt in all of us, perfect when wearing these!

Congrats Olivia Dello Buono, for suggesting "Straight Laced," the new name of Group #4, because It's kind of a play on words because this panty is anything but.

*We agree! Nothing boring about these :))

Thanks to everyone who participated!!


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  1. Super cute! I want them all!!