Boy Meets Girl(R) University launches first HIGH SCHOOL Contest today!

November 15, 2011
 I have been in full school mode and ever since I can remember I was creating collages to express myself and my inspirations. I still create them today when I'm designing a new collection or have an upcoming photo shoot. It is my way to express the vibe of anything I am creatively doing. It is my pleasure to announce my new program & contest on Boy Meets Girl(R) University featuring mood boards created by Agoura High School students!

I wanted to bring my brand to major campuses and classrooms throughout the country because I felt Boy Meets Girl® could be a positive influence for college and high- school girls. And we’re ready to put these ideas into action to bring you…
All event details can be found here and below:
Boy Meets Girl® University an educational new site affiliated with Boy Meets Girl® launches its first High School contest featuring mood boards created by Agoura High School students. At Boy Meets Girl®, we value creativity at all levels, and believe High School students have valuable insight into the ever-changing world of fashion. Using online mood board creations focused on themes created by Boy Meets Girl® specific to Agoura’s classroom, we allow students to have an outlet in this big industry for their ideas to be heard.

The three Themes assigned to the students include:

1) Causes Boy Meets Girl® supports and is actively in involved with
a) Young Survivor’s Coalition (link to, which supports Breast Cancer Awareness
b) Bully Bust (link to
* Students can pick 1 cause or do both*
2) Retro California
3) Holiday

Students, peers, and outside community are encouraged to vote on the TOP 3 theme boards (you can see the boards here:
The contest will run from November 15th-Decemeber 10th.
The winners with the most votes will receive the following grand prizes:
$100 gift card to shop on Boy Meets Girl® ( and One-on-One Hour phone call me!

Agoura HS creating their mood boards!
and that's me giving a special shout out to my Alma-Mater University of Wisconsin. I know my University teachers would be proud. I am so excited to keep the education going. xo

I am so happy to give back to young talent and be able to do to this, it really means a lot to me. Make sure to Vote on your favorite mood/theme boards done by these incredible students. 1 vote per day. You will be blown away.



  1. What a cute idea! You have an adorable brand, and I would love to collaborate if you're ever interested. Good luck with everything!

  2. Thanks so much ;) I am so excited to be doing this. It brings me back in time to where it all began. I just checked out your blog and adore. Would love to collaborate. :) xo