Free to be Tuesday: Halloween Recap....MIdnight/2AM inspiration :)

November 1, 2011

Wow...what a weekend into a week already. When Dj Blue Steel said he wanted to be Schneider from "One Day at a Time"  I looked at him with a crazy face I tend to make and said really?! And then once I took myself back down memory lane and remembered this amazing show...I was IN. I hopped on the band wagon and decided to be Mackenzie Phillips from the show. I am a 70's girl at heart and took out my vintage stash of goodies and was in. Only extra piece I needed was my special wig which I cut and tried to duplicate her look from the show. I know my girl Tara Smith would have done a better job but I did my best :)  This Halloween was special in many ways... I love dressing up with Dj Blue Steel and we got to do it twice this year. Sunday night Dress Rehearsal and Monday night it was on! Photos below are from our night at Heidi Klum's extravagant Halloween Party that I love going too. This was I think my 4th Heidi Party. I have to say the outfits blew me AWAY. Check it out below. I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. Let me know what you were. Send me pics or leave me a note. xo, Stacy

Black Swans everywhere but this was my fav of them all. Check out the SHOES. SICK!
Droid was not taking amazing photos at the Dream Hotel but check out these outfits
hmm my dream for next year ....feathers..butterfliesss .
Mustache. Yes this amazing boy dressed up as a  Moustache  ...BRILLANT

new friends

one of my favorite surprises of the night running into my friend Jamie
The Dream Hotel at Night. 

There were so many amazing highlights but those will all be in the press tomorrow. Enjoy!



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