Tip of the Day: Loving your body even when you no longer fit into those old jeans..

November 2, 2011
Have you ever had that moment where you go into your closet and do a closet cleaning and find your high school jeans that you used to rock all the time, but soon find out that they no longer fit anymore?

Well I just had one of those moments recently while cleaning my closet and realized a few things...
1)I am not in high school anymore (so make sure you consider that when cleaning your closets)
2)It is ok if my favorite high school jeans don't fit me anymore because it simply means time for a new pair :)!

The issue of body image is very important to me among other things and when I first started to design my own line,  I took this issue into account. Each piece I design I think about my most self conscious body part..MY HIPS and I make sure the designs of the Bottoms and even Tops take hips into consideration. I know it sounds crazy but when on a  basic tee shirt design at the hem, for example, if the "Merro" stitching is too tight and pulls at the hips, I won't accept this into my line. You would think that a basic v-neck t-shirt doesn't involve 5  fittings but for this hip conscious girl it does. And I have to say that is why my designs and fits are different then anyone else's line as this is something I touch on everyday.

Even though people say to me all the time "you have amazing hips...i want your hips," I am one of many with a body flaw issue. But, I am also now embarrassing my curvy hips and loving them more each day. I think we all have something we wish we had or had less of ;)

My mom and I during NYFW

Life is not perfect nor is there a "perfect body". We come in all shapes and sizes and we must all learn to embrace what we have- I teach myself that everyday. Do you have a body flaw you have always wanted to fix? Let me know? I might have a great Boy Meets Girl(R) design to remedy that!



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