Tips to “keep warm” and "chic" as the weather gets cold!

November 16, 2011
Its that time of the year again when you need to start worrying about bundling up! I seriously cannot believe it is that time again.
This season is one that’s filled with layers upon layers and staying chic while keeping warm.

Here are some ways you can bundle up and stay stylish at the same time..

1. Socks with your boots is probably the quickest “keep warm” update. Another key winter item are your boots. Whether you’re rocking Uggs, Emu’s, Sorrell’s or a different boot and easy update to them is high socks. This Fall /Winter I am layering my Seychelles Prime Suspect boots with the Boy Meets Girl ® Three's a Charm 3-pack anklet socks (another great alternative are the Boy Meets Girl ® solid socks). You can also add patterned tights under socks for a funky look which I love to do!

2. Layers on Layers  is my absolute favorite way to “keep warm” in these chilly months. Pile on tights with skirts and socks, oxfords with sweaters, or tops and vests for easy layered looks. My favorite things to layer are Boy Meets Girl ® tees with sweaters, tights, skirts, boots, socks and a scarf!


3. Sweaters and knits! A fun activity to partake in in the winter season is thrift-ing. My favorite area to thrift in is Brooklyn & Madison Wisconsin (talk about cold!) because they have tons of re-sale and vintage stores. Grab a friend and make a day out of who can find the coolest, weirdest, and cheapest sweaters! Sweaters and knits are both great “keep warm” items and layer super well- try wearing an oxford under a big sweater to create a more preppy look.

4. Faux Fur is another quick “keep warm” fix. In the Boy Meets Girl ® Fall 2011 collection we used Faux Muffs which are a great add on to the sleeves of your coat or above your boots. Whether you’re rocking this trend in vest form, muff form, or on your ears with a hat or ear muff you’re bound to feel toasty.

5. Layer your necklaces under an infinity scarf. Instead of just wearing your scarf to keep you warm on your way to school/the office/errands etc make a circle scarf (or regular scarf) a part of your outfit. Layer some chain necklaces underneath and above your scarf to add detail and excitement to a staple “keep warm” piece.

Stella and Dot necklace

What are your favorite styles to stay warm this season? Share them here!


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