Friday's Finds- Best Coffee in NYC

December 2, 2011
I love a good cup of coffee or chai or green tea, whether it's iced or a steaming cup of joe! I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite NYC coffee hot spots (suggestions also from DJ team) and some of the best roasts!

Love this quote!

-    Birch Coffee: DJ Platforms home away from home. They have a great atmosphere, a library, wi-fi with purchase, and slow jams playing. The Birch blend is a must try!

-    Argo Tea: Not only do they serve fair trade coffee at Argo but they also have one of NYC’s finest tea selections. They offer green, black, oolong, white, and herbal teas. 

-   Aroma Expresso Bar:  With an inviting atmosphere Aroma is a great place to meet up with people and or catch-up with friends. They also have wi-fi for those who want to make it a study spot. Make sure to try the Ice Aroma Light as it is often a crowd favorite.
    Saturdays Surf NYC: Often known to the regulars as “Saturdays” this place is home to some delicious coffee raves DJ Flash.

-  Think Coffee: Make sure to check them out Fridays at 2pm for their free coffee tastings….YUM!!

-   Jacks Coffee: When you get to Jacks you order at an outside counter but don’t forget to check out the hip décor inside.  The interiors of Jacks/RICE (a rice bar that Jacks shares space with) are all wooden, warm, and very inviting.

-  71 Coffee: Known for their commitment to using delicious flavored beans and not artificially flavored coffee this is a true NYC delicacy. DJ MM recommends a Mocha Hazelnut blend! 

-  Sugar Café: Grab a delicious pastry and coffee at any time of the day or night as Sugar is open 24 hours. If you’re a coffee lover make sure to try Sugar Café House Roast – its great!

-  Grumpy Café: How delicious does a coffee infused with green apple candy, plum, caramel, and tangerine sound? Well that is Grumpy’s Aragon roast! Check them out for some unique blends that hit the spot.

    Gregorys Coffee: This is my fav coffee spot by my home away from home (aka MY OFFICE). I am there at least twice a day for a green tea or coffee or smoothie. They reward you for coming in with their special card..freebies and money back :) And the staff is AMAZING.

an  And last but not least drummmm rolllll
     DOMA. I meet one of my best friends there Ami to catch up on life and sip on a soy lattes. It's in the west village and a perfect meeting spot for us when we need time with one another. I treasure this time and this coffee spot.

      What's your favorite coffee joint? Enjoy the weekend!!



  1. I don't live in NYC so i didn't know which one is really good. Now whenever i'm going to go, i will refer to this post before i need a caffeine kick! Hah.
    -Aishwarya xo

  2. NYC has a great coffee culture and I love that your list includes Grumpy (I have a soft spot for them). I think also worth mentioning are Oren's Daily Roast, Porto Rico near Bleecker Street (they have a really delicious holiday roast too, amazing when brewed in a french press), the Mud trucks, Everyman Espresso near Union Square and Little Brown when I'm uptown (86th and Lexington) for their super smooth and excellent organic ice coffee (my fave prep is with a half pump of agave and lots of skim milk).

    twitter - @horangi113

  3. Aishwarya Khanna ...Thank you for your note. Glad you liked the post. You will love these spots when you do visit ;) xo Stacy

    bunnyblanco ...So happy you love the post. I will definitely check out your suggestions. I am a big fan of Organic Ice Coffee and agave so this is a must to check out. Thanks stopping by. xo Stacy