Friday's Finds- Best Gifts for Him!

December 16, 2011
When you've been with someone for 10+ years it's hard to think of creative gifts to give to them. You don't want it to be the same old present or card that you've done a million times over. So how do you keep the surprises coming each year?

Well this year I did a bit of research on what to get Dj Blue Steel (my husband)..hopefully these gift  ideas are helpful for you too!

1.He loves when I scratch his head so maybe one of those massage things would be nice!

2.An earphone untangler (click  here), I saw this on a site once and it keeps your earphones from tangling.

3.Brunch for two made up gift certificate that you can create yourself at one of our favorite spots, Bread on Prince street is one of our favs!
-after brunch styling session day gift certificate with me. I like to bring Dj Blue Steel to my favorite spots to find the perfect pair of pants/jackets and normally my best finds for him are at one of my favorite thrift stores in NYC INA which now has online shopping too whohoo!

4. Flannel pj's are a great and easy gift! I found a great pair at Century 21 this past weekend.

5. Also he loves pocket scarves and I found some great Hugo Boss & Valentino ones at Century 21 too for only $19.99!

6. Dj Blue Steel went to Duke but is obsessed with Michigan football and I love this hat for him! I am going to get one in Wisconsin colors of course!
7. Everyone loves a new pair of jeans and I'm loving this wash! Check out and their men's denim selection here!

Happy Shopping!



  1. nice post. i found other top gifts. here. check out. hope it will be uesfull. you'll find more ideas for gifts.

  2. Men need good jeans allllll the time... love the wash too!

  3. Agreed Mark :) love the wash too. Washes are key and so is fit.