Tip of the Day: What to wear to your interview at a fashion house

December 28, 2011
I can vividly remember my first interview from the butterflies in my stomach down to the heels I was wearing. Now I know fashion has changed and we have more freedom to wear what we want in a professional setting but remember, first impressions are key!

Today's tip of the day is....What to wear to your interview at a fashion house

1. Before picking out the perfect outfit, always remember to research the brand or company you are interviewing for. Understand their aesthetic and dress based on the company's environment.

2. Comfort is key! You don't want to be adjusting your outfit every 5 minutes during the interview

3. Pick a lightweight blouse that doesn't tug in the wrong places ;)

4. A simple black pencil skirt is always a great pieces to have in your closet! It's chic and so easy to pair with any top.

5. With a simple blouse and bottom, you have freedom to play with some fun accessories! Add a pop of color by wearing colorful heels or a chunky necklace. These items will set you apart as a fashion forward.



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