Midnight Inspirations: Happy Halloween! Boo!

October 30, 2012
Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think its one of my favs because I just love dressing up :). I've been planning this years costume for months way before Dots & Minnie were in "fashion"! I blogged about going to Disney world back in May here and how I fell in love with Minnie Mouse all over again while I was there which you can see in another post here. I was supposed to be celebrating Halloween in NYC tomorrow night first at my sister's annual Halloween Party with my niece's and nephews and after at Heidi Klum's. This year I was going to my friend's Amy Sacco's party at #8 too. Unfortunately, this year Hurricane Sandy hit NYC and I am unable to get back to NYC. I am fortunate to be safe and sound. I am not sure when the airports will open again. I have been bumped a few times from my flight! It is looking like my Sunday departure(10/28) will be this Friday(11/2). Halloween will be very different in NYC. I am praying for the city to recover from this disaster quickly. It is hard to do this post when people are out of electricity and half of NYC is under water :( 
I am sending prayers to everyone who has been effected by Hurricane Sandy and wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. I might find myself in a different costume then I had been planning tomorrow night as all my "assets" are in NYC.  
More photos of inspiration while building my Halloween costume can be seen here in my Lockerz Collections 



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