My tips: DIY collars

November 27, 2012
As you know I am a huge fan of COLLARS, even inventing my own type seen here in a past post called #sportscollars Mania! So I wanted to show you guys how to make your own DIY collars!  I brought on DJ platform who last summer I featured in this post here to give us some fun Holiday Tips to DIY your collars with your family over the Holiday's. Thank you DJ Platform for these crafty tips. 

Step 1: Get your supplies! For this project you will need a graphic tee (we chose Lockerz tee) and spikes/grommets or studs(we chose Boy Meets Girl® studs)

shirt, spikes / grommets/ or studs ­ we used 32 in ours, glue or a hot glue

gun, and color stickers.

Step 2: Mark out a collar shape on one half of the tee shirt. We used sticky

dots to mark ours evenly. For the collar shape we did our row closest to the

collar had 8, the next row had 4, and the following had 3. Depending on the

look your going for add one more row of 1 for a pointy look or to keep it

rounded make the row of 3 your last.

Step 3: Plug in your hot glue gun or get your glue ready for the following

Step 4: Pull off each sticky one at a time and place a spike / grommet / or
stud down to make sure you like the placement of everything before gluing it
down. (see image above)

Step 5: Use your hot glue gun or glue to stick each spike / grommet / stud
in place. (see image above)

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 ­ 6 on the other side of your tee shirt!

Voila! You now have a hand crafted collar- a great addition to any basic tee

shirt you already have in your closet!

What DIY projects have you guys been working on? 


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