Entrepreneurship: quotes that surround my office!

August 30, 2013
I think its really important to surround yourself with inspiration and positivity, so in my office I have hung up a bunch of clippings from some of my favorite entrepreneurs and role models. I've included designers and entrepreneurs such as, Daymond John, Donna Karan, Ariana Huffington, Oprah, Coco Chanel and more! 

How do you dress up your room/office?

Check out my feature today on OliviaPalermo.com: P.S. We Love: Love Paperweight

August 28, 2013
Excited to share with you my latest post on OliviaPalermo.com
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Behind the Seams: My new web series!

August 27, 2013

Hey guys! Did you say #NYFW? What? Yes it is that time again...I'm excited to announce my new web series for my Sept 12th New York Fashion Week show! I have partnered up with the amazing new video game Just Dance® 2014, the latest upcoming installment in the Just Dance® video game franchise to put together a Funky, Happy, Jazzy, Crazy runway show and now you can follow me #BehindtheSeams™ to be part of all my preparations!  Check out the sizzle reel above and more behind-the-scenes videos coming soon so make sure to check out here! And for more NYFW updates and contests check out my updates on instagram and twitter!  Dont' forget to follow the updates using these hash-tags too #JustDance2014 #BoyMeetsGirl. See you on the runway :)

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Behind the Seams: Stitched Fashion Camp

August 23, 2013
Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at Stitched Fashion Camp.  I was asked to talk to the campers about fashion week.  For me, music is such a huge influence on me and, therefore, on my Boy Meets Girl® collections and runway shows! It was such an amazing experience for me

I visited on the last day of the two-week summer program and what I saw was truly out of this world. The students had designed their own prints and had the fabric printed with SpoonFlower. I had never heard of Spoon Flower before and wish I knew about them when I first started my business.  You can upload your designs and order a yard of fabric just like that. Wow, the ultimate DIY indeed! The students also learned how to sketch and sew, and when I got there had already sewn the pieces they had designed.

I was so impressed by the kids and their sewing and sketching abilities – all of which they basically learned in just two weeks!  You can thank the camps co-founders Rob Younkers and Joe Zee for that.  They really gave the kids a ton of attention and created a great fashion experience for them.  I wish I had had an opportunity like this when I was there age.

Funny/interesting tidbit - While I was there, I challenged the students to think about a musician "muse" who they would want to dress with the pieces they had designed. Joe made me explain what a muse was, as I forgot that I was speaking to 8-14 year old children!  As someone deeply fascinated by marketing and this age group, it was very interesting to see who the kids picked as their muses.  There was a bunch of Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Keisha and Paramore fans.

Thanks again to Rob, Joe and especially the kids for listening to me and making me feel so welcome.

To see more photos from my trip check here!

Check out my feature today on OliviaPalermo.com: Style Icon: Anna Karina

August 20, 2013
Excited to share with you my latest post on OliviaPalermo.com
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Behind the Seams: Accessory Council's Bridal Accessory Event

August 19, 2013

I recently attended the Accessory Council's Fall bridal accessories trends event (#actoppicks) to display our Boy Meets Girl® personalized hoodies and cover the event for the blog! The event was held at 91 Horatio presented by The Upper Crust & the talented Dan Fehlig! I had never been to this space before and fell in love. It is a perfect venue for future brides and for those who want to host a dinner party! Dan Fehlig and his team create the perfect aura and their attention to detail was impeccable. Evening product highlights were presented by former editor-in-chief of Brides Magazine, Millie Martini Bratten and AC's Karen Giberson. It was so much fun presenting these personalized bridal gifts and seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well as finding incredible pieces for the a bride or the bridal party! Wish I could get married all over again.... 

Some of my other favorite highlights from the night include; eco-friendly watches from Sprouts, Jack Rogers white sandals, Roman Bride accessories and Marchesa handbags.

 What are your favorite bridal trends this year?

Behind the Seams: Instagram recap!

August 16, 2013
Summer is whizzing by and it's been hard to catch up! Check out some past instagram photos you might have missed! They sum up my Summer pretty well! To the fleeting summer. Cheers to all!

Midnight Inspirations: Boy Meets Late Afternoon Girl!

August 14, 2013
Back in 2010 I worked with the lovely blogger Late Afternoon, and the other day I came across this photo and had to re-share it with you all! I love this Boy Meets Girl® dress that was exclusively sold at Bloomingdales! Hmm could this be a pre-curser to my future NYFW show? 

what I wore: Around town( ohhh and I'm on a Billboard!)

August 12, 2013
Been running around the city a lot and love having this soft Rabeanco Conduit leather satchel with me along the way.  Dj Jackson shot this photo of me while we were in Time Square a few weeks ago to capture this billboard shot! Yes I am on a Billboard!!!!! 
What I wore:
Dress: c/o PiperLime
Necklace: vintage
Bag: c/o Rabeanco
Shoes: c/o Carlo Pazolini

The Billboard in Times Square!

What Dj Jackson wore:
Shirt: Boy Meets Girl®
Bag: c/o Rabeanco
Skirt: Madewell  

What have you been wearing lately?

Midnight Inspirations: Paper dolls & Kate Moss

August 9, 2013

For my birthday this year my co-workers got me this adorable Kate Moss paper doll book from ShopBop.com! I used to play with paper dolls all the time growing up! And of course you know I'm in love with all things Kate Moss! Also check out my collection of paper doll books from several decades below! Thank you Dj's you know me so well!

Did you have paper dolls growing up?

Midnight Inspirations: NYFW sneak peek!

August 7, 2013

“Music gives color to the air of the moment.” 
 Karl Lagerfeld

Shot on my Iphone4s
NYFW will be here before we know it :)