Midnight Inspirations: My first home pt. 2

August 5, 2013
It's time for pt. 2 of my new home series if you missed pt.1 you can check it out here! It's been so fun getting to pick out all the little details and putting the puzzle aka home together with Dj Bluesteel. I am sure you would agree with me that putting a new home together takes time and energy and dedication especially if you have taken on the role as "interior designer". I have been dedicating weekends with Dj Blue Steel to get almost everything done before September NYFW. We still have a ways to go but I am very happy about how it is all coming together. One of my favorite new pieces are these fabulous chairs that my stylish BFF Julie Meyerson actually had in her home and I had to have them! These were custom made at Safavieh.
We also got this amazing natural area rug which I think goes perfectly with the color of the chairs. The middle table we are still considering. Below is a vintage piece we already own, but I think I want to get a lower table possibly some vintage trunks so stay tuned. Dj Blue Steel and I like to take fun photos and we had a blast doing this with photographer Jenna Szabo aka Je'Bo a few years ago in Los Angeles.

Love to hear what you are doing to make your home new!


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